Are my characters cliche?

I'm writing a story which I hope will progress into a book. It would be extremely helpful if you could voice your opinion. I know I should stick with characters I like, but I also want to write for other people and let them enjoy my book too. I'm only young, so I'm doing the best I can. Thank you.

Asha Brooke:

13 years old.

Coal colored hair; One eye blue and one eye green; bronze skin; petite and bony.

Shy and has low self esteem; Has rare condition where her body reacts violently to attack or danger.

Mysterious mother died of cancer when she was ten; Has grieved and abusive father.

Blake Morgan:

13 years old.

Tussled brown hair with blonde streaks; dark green eyes; peachy skin; tall.

Confident and cheerful; First friend of Ash's even after witnessing an aggressive episode.

Popular and doted by loving parents; has picturesque life.

Dakota Hannigan;

14 years old.

Vibrant ginger hair; silvery grey eyes with gold flecks; pale skin; short.

Egotistical and judgmental; becomes companion and close friend of Asha's.

Dad is withdrawn and mother died when he was born; shares bond with Asha because of this.

Does not have soft side but isn't mean although sarcastic.

Thank you again :-)


Thanks so much. I don't mind criticism. Maybe Blake could be stupid and cowardly, although I'm not sure how to work with Asha. I won't change Dakota though, he seems popular and I like him too.

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    The one parent dead, one parent angry thing has been done many, many times, but no, I don't think the characters themselves are cliche. Dakota seems to be the most interesting of the three (because i love sarcasm! i like this guy already!), but none of them seem particularly boring. Except maybe Blake, if his life is so perfect, needs to be a little flawed himself. Something to make him a bit more relatable and interesting. Because the thing about people with perfect lives is this: when they DO come across a problem, they don't know how to handle it like most people would.

    One thing you need to do if your characters are going to make sense, is to KNOW them, know them more than a physical description and basic personality. You ought to know their motivations for everything- why they do what they do, say what they say. What do they like? What do they dislike? That will make them easier to understand and like.

    The thing you should know, is that cliche is not the biggest thing you need to worry about. The worst thing you could do with a character, is make her unlikable or unrelatable. People want to see bits of themselves in characters, it helps them to identify and care about them, and that, I think you've done. It seemed like I could relate to those characters, and I'm sure If I can, and you can, someone else would, too. And remember, cliches dont matter as much as people think they do. You could have a whole book full of cliches, but if it's well-written, people will enjoy it anyway. Just write what makes you happy, and it will make others happy too.

    Good luck on that!! I really hope you make it. (:

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    I wouldn't say they are. But there is always a chance they could turn out that way by the way you describe them. Make them original and individual in their responses, the words they speak and their movements. They seem to have very different personalities so try and find a way to connect them all, I like the way you have conjoined Dakota and Asha. The names are interesting and suit the characters, and not at all cliche. Just be careful in your writing!

    hope this helps!

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    I personally don't care what they look like, and yes, they do sound cliche

    but now you have the challenge of putting them in an extrodinary situation that may surprise your readers

    I think you should put some more depth into your characters and when you do this, the most important thing will be to figure out why they do what they do and how far they will go to accompish it. What would they sacrifice or not compromise and why?

    That is really what makes good characters anyway.

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    Dakota sounds intereting but the other two sounds abit cliche. I need to know more to judge properly.

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    I don't think so. The last guy reminds me of one of my characters but I don't think that counts. =) Like I said though, the descriptions don't sound cliche.

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    I already like Dakota. Sarcasm is our only defense against stupid!! =]

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