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Are my Pleco's Safe with ACF?

I have 2 Pleco's (did have 3 rip :( ) and 3 African Clawed frogs. The Pleco's are at least 8 yrs old and only 3-4" but the ACF are still babies. When they grow up are my Pleco's in trouble??? do I need to take them to the store so they dont get eaten or will they be OK??? cheers.

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    When your frogs are fully grown they will definitely try to eat the plecos if the plecos stay at their current size. One of my clawed frogs swallowed a bullfrog tadpole whole (here is a pic of one for size reference It took her a little while but she did it. African clawed frogs need a decent-sized tank to themselves. For 3 frogs, I'd suggest a 20 gallon with a good filter. Female African clawed frogs get to be over 6" in size. At the very least, they should not share a tank with other bottom feeders, causing them to compete for space. They're awesome creatures and can live for almost 30 years... Enjoy!

    Source(s): I have an African clawed frog who is over 16 years old.
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    As they're so small I'm assuming they're Bristlenose Plecostomus, which are pretty peaceful and live to around 12 years of age. If your frogs are just babies at the moment, the Plecs should be okay as long as your tank is large enough and has lots of hiding places, cover etc. Just keep an eye on things. If the Plecs are being bullied I'd rehome them asap.

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    I had a pleco with an total tank of guppies, and he under no circumstances ate the fry. they are vegetarians, and that i have not even heard of one doing that. i'd trouble about the oscar ripping him to shreds. he's sufficiently small to be swallowed in a unmarried gulp, so i'd go away him with the guppies. They get alongside large.

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    if the frogs grow to much larger than the plecos then you will have a problem.

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