Nonfiction book similar to the hunger games...?

For summer reading I need to read a non-fiction book that is similar to any aspect of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I've been looking everywhere for a book, but I can't find one. Any suggestions?

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    Obviously, no nonfiction book is going to correspond very closely, because the Hunger Games is set in a dystopian future. But there are various aspects of the book that you could focus on, and many nonfiction books on each of these topics.

    An adolescent girl living in poverty, or being forced to be the main supporter of her family.

    Surviving alone or in a small group in a wilderness situation.

    The Roman gladiatorial games in which fighters killed each other for the entertainment of the audience.

    Panem clearly has a society where the Capital extracts the wealth from the 12 Districts to live in luxury while keeping the districts largely impoverished. There are books on imperialism which discuss this kind of economic structure.

    Collins has stated that the inspiration for the book is the legend of Theseus, and the tributes that Athens was forced to send yearly until he killed the Minotaur. That's all mythology, of course, but you could find a book on the archeology of the actual civilization of ancient Crete that the myth comes from.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think any book about the Holocaust would be helpful - the Diary of Anne Frank is a good suggestion (everyone should read that book). Another good one is All But My Life by Gerda Weissmann Klein - it's a memoir of the five years she spent in concentration camps as a teenager.

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    Hmm well instead of looking for books that are roughly similar to the Hunger Games (you have good taste, I loved that book), you should look for other dystopian novels. To start you off, The Giver, 1984 Fahrenheit 451, and Uglies. There are many others but those are just a few I read and loved this year.

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    I'd recommend a non-fiction book about reality TV. Maybe Better Living Through Reality TV by Laurie Ouelette or Understanding Reality Television by Su Holmes. They give a lot of information on the trends in reality TV, why it's so popular, and how it can change society.

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    Diary of Anne Frank, because she was living in fear of a controlling government, just like Katniss was.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Beautiful Creatures Series- Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl(Book Order)

    -Beautiful Creatures

    -Beautiful Darkness

    Blue is for Nightmares Series- Laurie Stolarz(Book Order)

    -Blue is for nightmares

    -white is for magic




    The Infernal Devices-Cassandra Clare(book Order)

    -Clockwork Angel(Comes out August 31, 2010)

    -Clockwork Prince

    -Clockwork Princess

    Cryer’s Cross-Lisa McMann(Book Order)

    -Cryer Cross(Available february 8, 2011)

    Fallen Series- Lauren Kate(book Order)



    I heart you, you haunt me-Lisa Schroeder

    The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod- Heather Brewer(Book Order)

    -Eighth Grade Bites

    -Ninth Grade Slays

    -Tenth Grade Bleeds

    -Eleventh Grade Burns

    -Twelfth Grade Kills

    The Curse Workers Series-Holly Black(Book Order)

    -White Cat

    The Evernight Series- Claudia Gray(Book Order)




    The Fallen Series- Thomas E. Sniegoski(Book Order)

    -The Fallen


    The Forbidden Game- L.J Smith

    The Hollow Series-Jessica Verday(Book Order)

    -The Hollow

    -The Haunted

    The Host-Stephenie Meyer

    The House of Night-P.C Cast and Kristen Cast(Book Order)









    The Hush, Hush Series- Becca Fitzpatrick(Book Order)



    The Immortal Series-Alyson Noel(Book Order)


    -Blue Moon

    -Shadow Land

    -Dark Flame

    -Night Star

    The Last Vampire Series Christopher Pike(Book Order)

    -Thirst No.1

    -Thirst No.2

    -Thirst No.3

    The Morganville Vampires Series- Rachel Caine(Book Order)

    -Glass Houses

    -The Dead Girls Dance

    -Midnight Alley

    -Feat of Fools

    -Lord of Misrule

    -Carpe Corpus

    -Fade Out

    -Kiss of Death

    -Ghost Town

    The Mortal Instruments-Cassandra Clare(Book Order)

    -City of Bones

    -City of Ashes

    -City of Glass

    -City of Fallen Angels

    The Night World Series-L. J Smith(Book Order)

    -Night World No.1

    -Night World No.2

    -Night World No.3

    The Otherworld Series-Kelley Armstrong(Book Order)






    The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner-Stephenie Meyer

    The Twilight Saga-Stephenie Meyer(Book Order)


    -New Moon


    -Breaking Dawn

    The Vampire Academy Series-Richelle Mead(Book Order)

    -Vampire Academy

    -Frost Bite

    -Shadow Kiss

    -Blood Promise

    -Spirit Bound

    The Vampire Diaries Series- L.J Smith( Book Order)

    -The Awakening and The Struggle

    -The Return and Nightfall

    -The Return and Shadow Souls

    The Wake Series- Lisa McMann(Book Order)




    The Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy -Maggie Stiefvater




    You can find all these books on my Teen Book Site @

    The book summaries and covers are posted under Our Books ! My site is a mixer of Fantasy/Romance/Vampires/Werewolfs

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