Have you ever thought about death in detail?

Try to imagine all the worst possible pre-death scenarios you could be in and then try to imagine you never leave them alive.

For example i can think of a few like someone pointing a gun right at your face, or people bashing your head in with a brick or being hung off a tall building. They all sound over the top and absolutely grotesque and unnecessary to explain, but the thing is that thousands if not millions of people have been in similar situations where they are in fear of death and it ends up coming to them. They do not escape it like you see in the movies.

Now if you were in that situation and had the opportunity to escape alive i can assure you that you would do almost ANYTHING to escape. You'd eat your own sh*t, but i'm sure there are much worse things than that.

So realizing this, do you not wonder and then feel bad for all these people who witness such situations? I've seen photos and although i am not scarred, my appreciation for life is much higher these days.

I wish we could all die old and happy but such chances are quite low for many out there!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Oh death. Now what you described above are basically violent deaths, and that is also region/context-specific. Now, think of accidental ones which could happen anywhere anytime from in your own bedroom to the streets. Example, car crashes, gas leaks, falling out of a bus, drowning etc. Now, think of dying old but who ever said dying old was definitely a happy matter? For myself, I'd rather have an accidental death than an elderly death because there's just too many depressing factors that make old age seem so tedious, i.e. illnesses, frailty, death of close relatives/friends. The only way I don't want to die is by disease - even a violent death seems preferable to it.

    Plus, I'm sure some have thought of death in detail, some haven't, and some just avoid it. For if we worry about death so much, we'd become paranoid and forget about life itself. Though, if it helps you appreciate life more then good for you, but if it makes you wish for immortality then you better stop pondering too much about it. And also, I'm also sure death is a form of mercy for them prisoners of war while they were being tortured every day. in conclusion, death isn't only appropriate for the elderly, for it greatly depends on the context and the person's own decision. Another example would be a terminally ill patient with no hope of recovering and looking at bed-confinement as lifelong. Imagine if that person was previously a very active person. You get the gist.

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