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Darrelle Revis vs. New York Jets?

Can he hold out for 3 years? What a waste of talent. If he signed a contract, shouldn't he fulfill that contract? If he's the best CB in the league, shouldn't the Jets pay him more than $1 million next season? If Revis doesn't play this season, how much will it effect their overall defense?

Your thoughts?

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    The Jets cannot afford to lose Revis. Assuming they realize that, he won't miss a single regular season game, much less three seasons worth. What you need to understand is that NFL contracts are completely unlike any other league's contracts. As Mark Schlereth has been saying on Mike & Mike in the Morning the past couple days, if a player in the NFL outperforms the value of his contract then they tear it up and give him a new deal. I couldn't agree more. NFL contracts are not guaranteed. They can cut you at any second, you won't get a dime. They can force you to renegotiate and take less money if you play poorly. Revis is far and away the best corner back in the league. It was a disgrace that he didn't win the Defensive Player of the Year award last year and he deserves to be paid like the game changing shutdown corner back that he is.

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    Rex Ryan can only blame himself for this situation. All he talked about was how Revis is the best CB in the NFL and now Revis wants to be paid like one. Looks like the wheels on the Jets Super Bowl Express is starting to come off.

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    the problem is that the two sides are two different worlds Revis wants to be the highest paid player for a while and the Jets want to pay him like they have a player in middle his contract

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    When this guy walks on water, THEN and only then will he be worth the money HE wants.

    His absence will affect the Jets but, you know what, the Jets should show him that there is a limit as to what people who play a game will be paid.

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    Another day another dumb prima donna jock that thinks that he has no obligation to fulfill the contract that he willingly signed .


    I wonder how Derrel Bevis would react if the contractor that he contracted to build his house stopped work and said "Mr Bevis ,I'm doing such a fine job here that I think if you don't give me a lot more money .....I'm going to walk off of the job site. "

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