What is better, Norton, Kaspersky or Mcaffe?

I have just ordered a new laptop and am wondering which is better, Norton, Mcaffee or Kaspersky.

I have used Norton and Mcaffee in the past but have found that either way my PC's/Laptops end up mashing up either way.. Is this a general problem with computers or is the antivirus software not working?

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    1 decade ago
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    Kaspersky internet security is the best of 3.

    I have read an article about these anti-virus comparison and it said Norton and Mcafee take a lots of resource and they don't do their protect job very well. I agreed with it.

    There are 2 great anti-viruses that is similar to Kaspersky, there are Avira and Bit-defender. I would prefer Avira in these 3 but you need anti-spyware accompanied.

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    Source(s): #1 Antivirus For PC : http://MoveAntiVirus.com/?djNS
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    I don't think computers are designed to last a very long time. But you can extend the life of your computer by performing regular maintenance and keeping your antivirus software updated. I purchase my antivirus software because I'm thinking it's better protection over the ones you download for a free trial period.

    Anyway, I have Norton 360 and have not experienced any issues.

    I have never had good experience with Mcaffee.

  • Dre'
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    1 decade ago

    Out Of the 3 you've mention, Kaspersky has a higher detection rate and use less ram than both of them but it takes time to interact/get use to with some of the features

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  • Senlis
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    1 decade ago

    Here is a list of the top 10 antiviruses:


    Not surprisingly, my favorites are at the top: Bitdefender and Kaspersky.

    Like someone else said before me, no matter what antivirus you have, you are still vulnerable if you do certain things. The things to avoid are porn sites, limewire, and any site that gives you something illegal, such as cd keys for games.

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    Well first off I'd stop downloading tons of porn and using limewire, but to answer the question, Kaspersky is the better of the 3 for sure.

    Source(s): Dude take the advice or don't, I could care less. Kaspersky is better.
  • 1 decade ago

    Out of the 3 you mentioned...Kaspersky is the best.

    But Avast is free (for home users) and is just as good as Kaspersky in my opinion.

  • 1 decade ago

    get these Avast 5 + Comodo Firewall + Malwarebytes

    (Free Antivirus + Firewall + Antimalware for scanning)




    Review of Avast 5

    Starting using Avast after switching from AVG because version 8 onwards has just got worse and worse, im so glad I did Avast provides superb multi layered protection, is very light on my system and very reliable as its never gone wrong or failed to run.

    Avast is free yet protects you as good as any paid for software.

    For a completely free security setup combine Avast with Comodo's free firewall.

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    Just because some computers have anti-virus protection does not mean they are 100% safe, but they do help. I have had Norton, Mcaffe and AVG; and I have to say Norton and AVG are they way to go. They don't spam you when you log on etc.. When I had Mcaffe it always popped up. AVG and Norton update by themselves for me so they work good.

  • Luck
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    1 decade ago

    Mcaffee is number 1... norton is the worst for sure

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