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Who decides the winner of an Academy Award?

Most movies/actors/actresses deserve it but some times the choices are down right retarded.

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    Voting for Academy Award® winners is reserved exclusively for members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Members are drawn from film industry veterans who must be nominated for inclusion into the Academy. Directors, editors, screenwriters, film composers, producers and other film professionals comprise the Academy's approximately 6,000 members. The active members alone determine which films and individuals receive Oscars.

    Each member votes for awards in their occupational category only with the exception of Best Picture. So the Best Actor award is determined by actors; Best Screenplay by screenwriters and so forth.

    Academy members are given ballots numbered one through five. Members may then rank their choices from one to five, so that if his or her first choice is eliminated, the vote moves to the second choice and on down the line. Nominees are determined by proportional voting. If a candidate for nomination receives 20% of the vote, the candidate becomes one of the five nominees, although in reality this percentage is a bit smaller due to how the Academy calculates the lowest number of votes needed to get nominated. This system is used so that Academy members won't feel their vote will be wasted by voting on dark horse candidates.

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    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences(or AMPAS) which consists of over 6000 people in the movie business. Such as different(and people from): Actors, Art Directors, Cinematographers, Directors, Documentary, Executives, Film Editors, Makeup Artists & Hairstylists, Music, Producers, Public Relations, Short Films and Feature Animation, Sound, Visual Effects and Writers

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