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許冠傑 - 哪些歌是由英文歌改成中文歌?

例如《加价热潮》歌曲翻唱自一首著名的英文歌曲《Rock Around The Clock》

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  • 10 years ago
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    春夢良宵 : Lobo-I'd love you to want me

    制水歌 : Paul Simon-Mother and child reunion

    等玉人 : The Beau Brummels-Just a Little

    情人離別去 : What Will My Mary Say

    青春夢裡人 : Bells-Stay awhile

    獨上西樓 : Bee Gees-Holiday

    有酒今朝醉 : Oh! Susanna! (Composed by Stephen Foster in 1840's)

    錢會繼續黎 : Elvis-I need your love tonight

    麻雀耍樂 : A little bit of soap

    柔情淚 : Elvis-Summer kisses winter tears

    我愛你 : Elvis-Kuuipo hawaiian sweetheart

    佛跳牆 : Elvis-Don't be cruel

    往事 : Elvis-Angel

    咪當我老襯 : Elvis-Baby I don't care 

    學生哥 : Washington square

    加價熱潮 : Bill Haley-Rock around the clock

    每事問 : Herman's Hermits- There's A kind of hush

    歌曲解困憂 : Albet Hammond-Those good old days

    在回憶中 : Memory

    Pretty woman : Roy Orbison-Pretty woman

    愛韻 : Cascades-My first day alone

    木屋區 : Elvis-In the ghetto

    我是幸運人 : Judy Collins-Someday Soon

    最喜歡你 : Edison Lighthouse-Love grows

    歡笑吧!Rosemary : Smile again rosemary

    悶到透 : Bruce Springsteen-Cover me

    哭泣風雨間 : Everly Brothers: Crying In The Rain

    千載願望 : Phil Collins-Another day In paradise

    寂寞聖誕 : Greensleeves (Trad. English Folksong) Radio

    好知己 : Dusty Springfield-I only wanna be with you

    誰在你心裡 : I will Follow Him

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  • 10 years ago
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