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阿丁 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 10 years ago





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  • 10 years ago
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    Never Separate


    這是很好的一句誓言, 絕不是洋脛濱話語.

    還有一首歌以此為名呢! 歌詞如下:

    Vickie Winans

    Never Separate (A Song For Friends) lyricsChorus

    I’ll cross the widest ocean

    And i’ll gladly find my way to you

    Cause you mean the world to me

    Without you what would i do

    I cannot imagine life without you there

    So can we promise to never separte

    You and me yes you and me

    Bound to see those troubles of life

    I can survive as long as you are by my side

    I cannot imagine life without you there

    So can we promise to never separte

    Verse 1

    Time has turned you into my best friend

    How we’ve gone through the thick and thin

    So let’s not turn back now

    Only forever stay around

    Love when you find it, it has a way

    Of putting all the good in place

    So if we fuss and fight

    Just remember love is on our side


    Now if you should hear me say i quit

    Don’t let me walk away

    If you should ever change your mind

    I would die inside

    So what ever happens let’s make a promise

    You and me together

    And we will never ever, ever separate


    Verse 2

    If we should ever cry let’s make us laugh

    Flying high above the worst and bad

    Two is much better than one

    Trusting that one of us will get it done

    See we gone get it done

    2010-08-14 14:42:14 補充:

    Hi Jim, thanks for your comments.

    Of course, I won't buy a ring with "bad English" on it, but if you believe "Never Separate" is bad English, why not argue with the lyrics author of that song?

    2010-08-14 14:58:53 補充:

    我發現Jim在許多其他題版中我的回答都有批評, 結果都證明他的見解有偏頗. 在美國住多少年又能支持些什麼? 錯的不會因而變成對的. 顯然Jim對我有針對性, 不知有何意圖?

    2010-08-14 15:04:11 補充:

    >在網路字典裡確實沒有【Never Separate】這種組合詞

    To Shannon

    是嗎? 我用"never separate"帶引號google了一下, 有66,800例呢!


    2010-08-14 15:13:02 補充:

    "Never Separate"是普通話語, 而非俚語、諺語、格言, 當然不會出現在字典裡.

    如果字典例句用"Never Gonna Leave Your Side"、"Never Forget", 那只是舉例, 別的正確例子還有成千上萬呢!

    Source(s): 圖片取自版主提供之網址; Google
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  • 10 years ago


    Jim 是說的沒錯, 美國人不會買有爛英文字在上面的戒指.

    但是 "Never Separate" 在, 在美國 21年的小弟我來看, 是沒有甚麼問題啊?

    我覺得對美國人來看, 也不會有問題的.

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  • 10 years ago

    It is my view that "Never Separate" is well designed English for inscriptions.

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  • 10 years ago

    Never Separate "永不分離" 的意思, 我希望你還沒買,這種寫法很洋經幫.外國人對這寫法會覺得很好笑,

    2010-08-11 02:02:07 補充:

    Mr No. 3

    I respect your opinion highly. I'm not trying to discredit or argue with you. Ask any friend of yours who's mother tongue is English, Ask them if they would buy those rings with bad English on it. Both of my American born daughters confirmed that too. Thank you.

    Source(s): self
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  • 10 years ago

    「Never Separate」


    2010-08-11 09:48:56 補充:


    在網路字典裡確實沒有【Never Separate】這種組合詞,而是「Never Gonna Leave Your Side」、「Never Forget」...之類的,請參考網址、http://di...


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