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小犬現正就讀台灣的醫學系,但計劃與媽媽一同依親移民.現已辦好Data Collection,正等NVC通知面談.

我們擔心的是,如果屆時赴美後,縱使先修Pre Med.以後也不一定申請得到medical school .所以希望在台灣繼續唸完醫學系,等畢業後再"永久定居", 報到後這幾年間利用寒暑假回美國.

請問諸位專家及有經驗的前輩 :

1.只有寒暑假回美,會不會被移民官刁難? 有甚麼方法應對.

2.台灣的醫學系畢業生赴美先念PhD好,還是考USMLE申請Resident進醫院工 作好?.



1. 很遺憾Gary不太熟悉醫學教育, 美國承認台灣11所醫學系.

可以考USMLE (step1 step2ck step2cs step3 ) ,考過後就可申請ECFMG認證, 在美執 業.

2.Clerk是指見習醫師 Intern 是指實習醫師 I'm not confusing with it.

3.Re-entry permit for question a popular resolution, Thank you Gary.

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    1. Definitely yes. Apply for re-entry permit is a possible to reduce some of the issues.

    2. It is up to you. U.S. may not recognize your son's medical degree so he may not eligible for USMLE.

    3. Clerk?? Are you confusing with legal clerk?

    2010-08-11 14:01:11 補充:

    1. You are the one who confuse. Due to each state difference in licensing law, even passing USMLE does not mean you are eligible for licenses. For instance, California only recognizes 10 instead 11 Taiwanese Medical schools.

    2010-08-11 14:06:53 補充:

    Also, postgraduate medical training is still required. How you can find one will be another question.

    2010-08-11 14:11:17 補充:

    2. In most of the cases, as clinical clerkship is a portion of M.D. program. It is really limited to admitted students. Some visiting clerkship may be available, depending on individual school.

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    Re-entry permit does not guarantee you can keep your green card. The Immigration official at the airport has authority to let you come in US or deny your entry even you have re-entry permit. Usually if you have not entering US for more than 4 months multiple times, you will be questioned why you are not staying. So, you need to prepare for being questioned by the immigration officer.

    I know people who have medical degree oversea come to US. Almost of them need to make up academic credits and go through the training and licensing process. Each state has different regulations. You should go to check out the website of the medical board of the state you will go.

    I suggest you should think about if you really want to come to US since you are in medical school already. Being a doctor in US may not be better than being a doctor in Taiwan.

  • ?
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    版主, 我還真看不懂你是怎麼可以讓你的小孩先在台灣念醫學院? 我在美國20多年, 所有聽過的cases, 都是到美國重新開始. 不管是已經拿到醫師資格的或是醫學系畢業的...恐怕再問問吧.

    美國醫生養成不易, 非常保護, 幾乎什麼都不承認的. 如果是要在醫學領域從事研究工作, 也許容易, 要當醫生, 大多從頭開始.

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