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Can stress cause a cat to simulate symptoms of a hairball?

I just adopted 2 cats about 5 days ago from a friend who was moving and could not take them with her. For the first day or two the cats were fine, the 8 year old warmed right up to her new home while the 2 year old is a bit more..well.. scared. about 3 days ago I noticed the 8 year old was showing symptoms of a hairball but has not managed to get one up. she was retching frequently, but that has slowed down sense the addition of wet food, store-bought gel specifically designed for hairballs, & some cat grass from the store for her to munch on. Its been a few days now and she still hasn't gotten anything up, and now her abdomen is opening and closing like shes breathing extremely heavily all day, or like her stomach is still retching when shes not. Im wondering if this is even a hairball or just stress from the move. Waiting till tomorrow to isolate her if at all possible to make sure she is going to the bathroom but as far as i know she is, and she will eat a little bit of dry food and some wet food when its fresh from the can. Does this sound like any hairball experience you have ever had?


I havnt found a hairball yet but her tummy has calmed down some, & isnt moving in and out like shes retching anymore. hasnt thrown up any of her food at all but no hairball either. Im hoping this was mostly stress from the move and she seems like shes doing alot better today. hoping to see more improvements as the days go on.

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    Hairball Symptoms

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    Sometimes hairballs get stuck and it takes some work to get it out...sometimes my cat will barf for a few days before she gets a hairball. The heavy breathing is strange though...make sure she is eating, drinking, and pooping. And if she isn't better soon, take her to the vet. If you think it might be stress try catnip Or rescue remedy pet.

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    well my cat kept throwing up and I got her some laxatone from petsmart and gave it to her as directed and she hasnt ever thrown up since then usually once they get the gel it passes really easy but since that didn't work for you it sounds like you may need to take that kitty to the vet. Good Luck

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    Yes stress can cause a cat to throw up hair balls

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