IL auto sales tax (private party)?

I bought a 2003 Ford Focus for $4500, I know in IL there is a flat tax by year for cars purchased/worth under $15,000.

What is the rate for a 2003?

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    Go to website for Illinois Department of Revenue and see/download instructions for Form RUT-50, Vehicle Use Tax Transaction Return. According to Table A of the Specific Instructions, the tax due on a 7 year old vehicle is $80.

    Source(s): Illinois Department of Revenue - RUT-50 (R-8/08)
  • snell
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    4 years ago

    the regulations variety from state to state yet i'm particularly beneficial that mendacity to stay away from paying tax is illegitimate everywhere. In Texas they make you pay revenues tax in line with eighty% of blue e book fee for inner maximum occasion revenues. So your scheme does not artwork in Texas. i'm beneficial different states have comparable regulations.

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