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How do you think John Cena feels being the Tyler Black of the WWE?

Or the CIMA of WWE. Or the Johnny Gargano of WWE. Or The Mike Quackenbush of WWE?

BQ- Bxb Hulk is a beast. True or yes?

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  • 10 years ago
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    He's neither one of those. John Cena is the "Hulkamania" of our generation and

    that's why Stone Cold Steve Austin passed the torch to him at the 2009 Hall of

    Fame induction ceremony. Tyler Black (Colby Lopez) signed August 8th to the

    Wwe. Where does he go from here? We know he's not going to get right in the

    mix competing in the main events matches in the Wwe with the top superstars.

    They are trying to find a new home for NXT now that Smackdown is moving over

    to the Syfy network later this Fall 10' season. I think we will see him start out in

    Florida Championship Wrestling the Developmental Territory and then Tyler will

    be competing in NXT (Season3) and I'm predicting Tyler Black wins NXT Season

    3 and starts a feud with CM Punk. In a "Perfect World" both Bryan Danielson &

    Tyler Black would get pushes right away competing for championships against

    all of the top level wrestlers in the Wwe that's not the way things work in there I

    just hope they don't end up releasing him like Bryan Danielson & Colt Cobana.

    BQ:) I don't know who that is? Ghostbuster's 3 though will be a great new movie.

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  • 4 years ago

    No he does not. What has he carried out? Do you think of he wins the championship many times on objective? No. Do you think of he merely has a handful of strikes because of the fact he does not be attentive to a thank you to try against? Nope, do no longer have faith me? Watch a number of his OVW fits, and his fits with Shawn Michaels in 2007. Austin Aries Tyler Black Bryan Danielson Evan Bourne...maybe... Danielson vs. Daniels could be the excellent journey.

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