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Wouldn't Heaven be extremely boring, almost intolerable?

Although I'm 17 and atheist, I've wondered for the past year or so how anyone can actually really want to go to a Heaven...I mean, you would be doing the same thing for ETERNITY. Just think of how tired and worn down you get after you go to school or work for an entire year. Now stretch that out to an eternity, billions and billions of years. It would be unbearable. I mean, within a million years, you could have read all the books that have been written and know all the different time-wasting games there are. It seems like it would all be kind of pointless and pure boredom. I once heard that "at least you get to watch the people on Earth from Heaven." That seems almost equally as boring to me. History basically repeats itself over and over and over. Different people from different countries DO almost the exact same things as people in the past have. The circumstances might be a little different, but in the end, the people are still acting off the same instincts and following the same rules and behaviors which guide political sciences. It seems to me that just watching this "journey of mankind" forever would be atrocious. And there would be nothing to improve in Heaven either. What joy is there greater than building something or improving society. Heaven is perfect so that's not possible.

If you think about, Heaven is really never described by theologians or the Bible...I mean it is, but in such abstract and vague terms that it seems like a 10 year old could have done it. "oneness with god, spiritual satisfaction, a great peace, yadda yadda yadda." None of those words mean jack. Probably because anyone who has actually thought about Heaven has seen it as a pretty worthless, monotonous place. Hell, on the other hand, is an infatuation with the religious. They send you on guilt trips and try to make you scared if you say you're atheist.

"Oh, why would you ever take the chance of going to Hell by being atheist. Remembers Pascal's wager? Even if I am wrong, it doesn't matter. But if I'm right, it means everything. Enjoy hell."

Then, the description of Hell is in vivid detail. The flames, the screaming, the agony, the endless tortures. The lack of food and the "gnashing of teeth." It's as if the only way to really get someone to believe in Heaven and god is to try and scare them as much as possible with the description of Hell.

Even if Christianity was 100% right and Jesus lived and was the son of god, I don't really think I'd want to go to Heaven...To me, it just doesn't seem worth it; especially so if god is an egotistical jag off who gives no proof of existence and his human reincarnation's existence except by the means of the Bible, an ancient out-dated text filled with so many different inaccuracies and contradictions. The god who slaughtered thousands and endorsed so many wrong things...

So, my fellow atheists, in the extremely unlikely chance that there exists a Heaven and Hell, I look forward to meeting you all in the burning, agonizing flames of the abyss, the house of Satan himself. It should be rather enjoyable. It is a situation I shall embrace with fortitude!


Jerry, you just proved my point...That's not describing Heaven; that just proves that the Biblical writers knew that they couldnt logically explain Heaven as being a good place, so they played the "we'll find out" card

Update 2:

God bless me? Doesn't god always bless me according to your beliefs. And who are you to command a god to do such things. If god wants to bless me, he'll do it. If he doesn't want to, he won't...You saying, "God Bless you," doesn't really do much.

Update 3:

To Gary B, I've marked each paragraph I've written with a number preceding it. Each of my paragraphs corresponds to a diferrent paragraph of yours:

1. I’m sorry that it’s called thinking...some of us like doing that occasionally. It’s not called “boredom;” it’s called being human. And if you are going to call me “bored” because I post a question on Yahoo Answers, perhaps you should look in the mirror: Mr. Level 7 (I’m only level 3). So, if you are going to say that because I spend some time on answers that this somehow constitutes me as being a bored dude, then you’re over twice as bored as I am.

2. As if no Christians have anger against the “fags” or “dirty Muslims.” Get real

Update 4:

3. “Instead of acting like a parrot...” You call me a parrot when you even say yourself that I’m supposed to “do my studies” (I assume you mean from the Bible). Is that not being a parrot? Believing every line from an ancient textbook MADE UP or greatly exaggerated for political purposes over 2000 years ago sounds like a person who doesn’t do much of their own thinking for me. And I find it very offensive that you just assume I would be Christian...If you were born in Saudi Arabia, you’d be saying the same exact things except from the viewpoint that I should be a Muslim instead of an atheist. Also, from who did I repeat this exact argument? I pretty much thought of this all by my own. Yes, I will admit that many atheistic writers probably have written about this. I have not claimed to have been a revolutionary mind; however, I guarantee you there have been over 10 times more people who have said the same or very similar things as you have. So, who really is the parrot here?

Update 5:

4. Really? So true Christians never do anything wrong. That’s why well over 95% of the prison population in America is filled with Christians. That’s why Christian gay bashers beat the snot out of gays? The Crusades was carried out by Christians. As was the Inquisition and Witch Trials. These events resulted in the systematic murder of millions...I guess all these supposed Christians just had a disbelief in god. What the hell do you mean by “If you don’t believe in God, then you MUST believe in evil.” So you’re saying that Christians don’t believe in Satan (or his evil deeds) because they believe in god? That just doesn’t make any sense. You’re saying you don’t believe that Hell, the epitome of evil, exists because of god...So many holes in your logic.

Update 6:

5. No where in the Bible is the word “atoms” ever used. The atomic theory wasn’t even discovered until thousands of years after the Old Testament was written. So, you are either using an outside source (something other than the Bible) or are falsely placing quotes to prove a point. The prior proves how much of a “parrot” you truly are: taking full sentences from a text and using them as reasoning on yahoo answers. The latter suggests that you provide or make up information (that has no factual basis) to support your cause.

5/6. Just because you want something to true doesn’t make it true.

7. How do you know/remember what true love, goodness, needs, fears, and sadness are if you never experience them anymore? After billions of years without them, I think some people might forget what they were. What joy is there from getting a bunch of things. The processes of building things and working for what you want makes those things that much nicer.

Update 7:

8. With your parroted servitude towards Christianity you ignore the evidence that points towards Heaven/Hell/God as being false and cheerfully take those things in abundance which make you feel good. You’re the one with ignorance; YOU won’t see the truth. Anyways, why do I have to train and study for Christianity (which I have done anyways- I went to a catholic school and still do)? I mean, why aren’t you responsible to train yourself in the opposite direction towards the disbelief in god? Perhaps because your culture/parents has taught you to do otherwise and taught you to believe that faith is somehow superior to intellectual questioning and rational thinking? I thought god is all powerful? How can an omnipotent deity not have “love left for those in Hell”? At the same time, how can you he completely forget about them if he’s omniscient. He knows all, so forgetting is no possible for god. For, if it was, he is not god.

Update 8:

9. Again, these are my own opinions and have thought of them myself. I’m sorry that you got the wrong message from your parents, family, and friends who have continually lie (and be lied to themselves) for their whole lives. Some ignorant morons do that...accepting as fact things written in books and told to them with any reasoning of their own. All religions – lie to you like that!

10. Even though I am in school, I love how you just assumed without actually knowing that I was still in school. I bet you loved school...Constantly being forced to do things. Having teachers telling you what you can and cannot do. Telling you what to believe. Telling you what is acceptable and what is no. Implanting your brain with the views/morality of society...You are a stupid prole. Perhaps people like you need religion. Most people can’t reason or think for themselves. They NEED people to tell them how to think and act. I bet you fall under that category.

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    Why? Are you bored now? Got nothing to do bu write long-winded and senseless question on a bulletin board?

    Because life in Heaven will be just like it is now EXCEPT that it will be perfect. No death, no illness, no anger -- and no atheists to clog up the internet.

    if you actually did your studies, and KNEW what Heaven was about (instead of acting like a parrot and simply repeating th things other people tells you) you would know that God IS going to destroy this earth AND HEAVEN, and then make both new -- and in the same place! By making "everything new again" God will TOTALLY wipe out all sources of evil. [Again, if you had studied, you would know that the source of Temptation and lies, Satan< has been bound and gagged and thrown into Hell.]

    Now, the SOURCE of ALL evil is disbelief in God. If you do not believe in God, then you MUST believe in evil. yes, it IS that simple. There is no middle ground. ANd those the believe in evil will ALSO be bound and gagged and thrown into Hell. that is the punishment you suffer for thinking wrong and believing lies.

    Now, since God accepts Into Heaven ONLY those people who love Him, and show that love by loving His SOn, then there will no longer be any source of evil! The people in Heaven WILL believe God, WILL love God, and WILL be willing to show it.

    SO, God will take ALL the believers to Heaven (those who are still alive when Jesus returns will be "raptured" -- taken away for their protection). THEn, the earth and Heaven will be completely wiped out, destroyed, as the bible says it, "burned with a fire so hot as to even burn the atoms".

    THEN God will make a new Heaven and a new Earth, using the same power that He used to create this one. FINALLY, all believing people, all animals, ALL life forms will be replaced on the NEw Earth.

    but there will be one MAJOR difference. THERE WILL BE NO SUN! God Himself will provide the light, the power, the energy for EVERYTHING! ANd Since is is completely and purely love, the energy for the NEw Earth and New Heaven will be the energy of pure love.

    Therefore, all love, goodness, kindness is assured, with NO want, no unmet needs, no fears,no sadness. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want will be made available to you!

    Of course, with your parroted misconceptions of God, your lack of study and training, your ability to willfully ignore the fact (this is called IGNORANCE), will mean that YOU won't see it. Since God has give ALL his love for the NEw Heaven and NEw Earth, there is NO love left for those in Hell. God will COMPLETELY forget about them, leaving them to burn in an endless fire that cannot be put out, a fire that burns bodies that can never be consumed and can never die.

    Sorry you got the wrong message from your friends, dude. SoOme friends -- lie to you like that!

    Be cool, stay in school!

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    Ah .... The angst of a teenage boy ....

    Heaven in some ways has got bad press, especially with the common misunderstanding of Heaven is that in Heaven we are going to be singing praises forever and ever, playing harps and all that.

    That leaves out a lot of the simple pleasures we take so much joy in. For instance, like the joy of a baby, or the pleasure of drying our clothes in the warm sunlight, or the satisfaction of a job well done, or just simply enjoying a good book or a newspaper in the morning. Paul said now we see "through a glass darkly," a poor reflection in a dim mirror. But some day this dark glass will be removed and we will be able to see clearly and be able to enjoy the real meaning of being a human being created in the image of God. The point is when the dark glass is removed, the view of Heaven is not going to change. It is going to become clearer. When that happens, I believe the things that give us pleasure in this world will make much more sense and give a whole lot more pleasure.

    For what it's worth ... A misconception about hell is that it is a place of physical torment and torture. Rather, most Christians have understood these descriptions to capture symbolically that hell is final and utter separation from God's saving grace. Similarly, thinking of heaven as a place of hedonistic pleasures is wrongheaded as well. In fact, those who choose hell would not enjoy the pleasures of heaven since those pleasures essentially flow from a right relationship with God.

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    This is a very good question you ask. Though many Christian religions preach and teach about the righteous going off to inhabitant heaven (this mysterious, "boring-like" place), the Bible teaches something a bit different.

    "GOD’S purpose for the earth is really wonderful. Jehovah wants the earth to be filled with happy, healthy people. The Bible says that “God planted a garden in Eden” and that he “made to grow . . . every tree desirable to one’s sight and good for food.” After God created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, He put them in that lovely home and told them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it.” (Genesis 1:28; 2:8, 9, 15) So it was God’s purpose that humans have children, extend the boundaries of that garden home earth wide, and take care of the animals.

    Do you think that Jehovah God’s purpose for people to live in an earthly paradise will ever be realized? “I have even spoken it,” God declares, “I shall also do it.” (Isaiah 46:9-11; 55:11) Yes, what God purposes he will surely do! He says that he “did not create [the earth] simply for nothing” but “formed it even to be inhabited.” (Isaiah 45:18) What kind of people did God want to live on the earth? And for how long did he want them to live here? The Bible answers: “The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.”—Psalm 37:29; Revelation 21:3, 4."

    Of course, from the brief excerpt, many more questions arise like how? when? what type of paradise? are there some that go to heaven? and the like...

    The Bible does not leave us in the dark. It answers are questions regarding when this paradise earth will be, how we, personally, can be there, and who goes to heaven and what they will be doing there.

    All of these answers are in your Bible and following link (a published Bible-based study aid) can direct you where to go in your personal Bible to come to these conclusions and gain the answer to your question. The book featured in the following link is entitled, "What does the Bible really teach?"


    Also, Jehovah's Witnesses offer free, home, personal Bible studies to all. Free of any charge, a friendly and qualified Christian neighbor can meet with you to discuss these, and other Bible topics, with you at your own convenience. To get started simply contact your local Christian Congregation of Jehovah's WItnesses at your closest Kingdom Hall.

    Source(s): For more online research/reading material, feel free to visit our one and only official website at
  • You make a good point; I have had the same feelings for a while now.

    I have the feeling I wouldn't feel very "at home" in heaven.. having to stare down at Earth and watch all the scientists do what I long to do.. I would be quite envious.

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    Why would you want to go to a place where people praise and sing songs to a homophobic, sexist, genocidal, massive human rights violator, vengeful, violent, murderous, blood sacrifice-requiring god for eternity? Sounds like a scary place.

    The thought of spending eternity with the bigots who worship this god also scares me.

  • 9 years ago

    """If you think about, Heaven is really never described by theologians or the Bible."""

    1 Corinthians 2:9

    However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" —

    God bless you.

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