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Home schooling or online high schools ?

im 15 a junior and am thinking about finishing my high school education online. i have a 3.7 GPA and am planning on going to college

my questions is will taking getting my degree online lessen my chance of getting into a good college?

How long would it take to un enroll me from my current school an in roll me into a new school

can i take AP classes?

and how will i take the SAT and ACT ?

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    You can probably go for Online Tutoring. Most students prefer that. Since it has many benefits. You will get complete ONE-ON-ONE Tutoring with 100% concentration of the tutor.

    One such Tutoring service am aware is

    They will also provide you will with your SAT Preparation since they provide good content to study.

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    I have not have been given any theory approximately any of those colleges. yet, i'm presently employing Keystone national severe college and intensely inspired. the customer provider that I actually are transforming into is ideas-blowing and that i for my area might exceedingly recommend this college.

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