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airplane mode?????????????

im flying in 2 days and what to know if i should put my phone on airplane mode? what is it? what if i dont use it? pleeeease help. thanks! -chloe

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    Yes, you should put your phone on airplane mode during the flight. Airplane mode turns off all functions that require transmission of radio signals, such as voice calls, texting, Web surfing, and e-mail. You can still use the other functions. The reason for airplane mode is that the FCC prohibits the use of cell phones in flight. But if you turn off the cell phone functions with airplane mode, you can still use the other features of the phone (except when the crew says to turn off electronic gadgets, such as during takeoff and landing).

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    As the other person has said. Turning it on disables all radio signals. Now sometimes it may disable it but not turn it off all the way like mine. I would turn your phone off anyways you save battery and don't have to remember to turn it to airplane mode. Have fun on your trip.

    Source(s): lots of flying experience.
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    It turns off your phones antenna, so no phone signal is sent out. You must either turn it to airplane mode, or turn it off.

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