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Before I take this to IG some help please?

Alright Just wondering if this is something IG can fix and if I should call. For the next 8 weeks we have field exercises, not a problem, been to 100s of FXs. Everyone in our company, none of the other 3 company's are doing this, that is on either profile or being chapterd/clearing, married or not and not attending training, is to live inside the company classroom from Monday to Friday with 16 soldiers and 4 cots!? Not right. During that time frame we pull 24hr duty whether it be SD and CQ supposedly 24hrs on 24hrs off, Is that correct? Thats how its been for the last 4years i've been in. RearD pulls SD and CQ on the weekends when everyone comes in from the Field. So we live in the classroom Monday-Friday and pull SD/CQ on the weekends. Is that fair to our familes, work the entire week not aloud to go home at night to sleep, eat, or anything for that matter, and other than suckin in the field were suckin on 24 hr duty, Field time aint 24hrs straight you get breaks/downtime. One NCO likes to have seizures and is the RearD NCOIC for our company during the week, He's on profile, and it states that he is to be at work no more than 8hrs a day and or 40hrs a week because he keeps having seizures. To me this is very hazardous to himself and to the rest of the soldiers. The first week of the FXs the NCO pulled two 24hr dutys because there was not another NCO to take his place. And this is all knowledge that BC and 1Sgt are aware of, matter of fact the BN CMD and CSM are trackin to. I believe something needs to be done about some of this crazy stuff thats been goin on. Another Example, Married Soldiers are givin BAH but those Grocerys that the BAH are for are at home with the kids. They're making us eat at the DFAC in which we have to pay a few bucks to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner thats roughly 50 dollars a week that we soldiers need for our familys and are being forced to eat out...any info that could be useful would be much appreciated.


Sorry ment BAS and no im on profile for having a M119A2 (4280lb howitzer) crush my leg. I've never gone to IG before not sure how it works and whats a legitimate problem to take to IG, thats why i posted this

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    Forcing an NCO in charge with a seizure disorder and a profile to work just 8 hours a day to work 24 hours straight is breaking his profile. That constitutes a problem.

    CONSISTENTLY putting everybody on a 24 hours on, 24 hours off rotation is hazardous if anyone needs to be driving anywhere. It is unnecessary if there are enough personnel that you SHOULD only have to be doing this once or twice a week and they are doing it to everybody just to be bad-***. That constitutes a problem.

    4 soldiers to a cot? Um, that's ridiculous. I know for a fact there's more cots somewhere. This does not need to be brought up to IG, it needs to be brought up to the training room NCO or supply guy, who needs to find more cots and more room. Take over a dayroom, out in the hall, not really important.

    Making you stay on base while your unit is doing FTX? Legit. Nobody out in the field is getting to see their families, are they? At least you have weekends.

    Making you eat in the DFAC three meals a day during the week? Complain and they will just toss you an MRE.

    So, IF you cannot resolve it through your chain of command, feel free to go to IG with the profile breaking and the rather harsh schedule (24 hours on 24 hours off for 8 weeks straight.) But most things are resolvable at a lower level. Usually.

    Source(s): Six years in the Army
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    You do not have an IG complaint.

    24 hour duty for CQ/SDNCO is common, sleeping on cots indoors when everybody else is out in the field is also not an issue that will impress the IG.

    Another thing is that BAH and seperate rations are two seperate things. BAH means 'Basic Allowance for Housing (Note: 'housing' not 'groceries').

    Let me guess - you are on rear det because you are one of the troops getting chaptered, right?


    Source(s): Retired 1SG and a former IG
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    I think Mike hit it on the head.

    It's the military troop!!

    Source(s): MSgt Ret USAF
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