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History help please and thank you!(:?

Okay, I coulnt figure these ones out, and you dont HAVE to give me that answer, just like Somewere to find the answer or a hint or something. Im fine either way(: Please and thank you<3

God bless

11.) Which was NOT a territory of the United States after the Spanish American War:


Puerto Rico



12.) Which Supreme Court case set the precedent of "separate but equal" regarding racial circumstance in the United States:

Brown v. Board of Education

Madison v. Marbury

Plessy v. Ferguson

none of the above

14.) Ida B. Wells, Booker T. Washington, and W.E.B. du Bois were leaders for which minority group?

African Americans



none of the above

15.) Ships from which countries can use the Panama Canal:

only ships from the United States

only ships from Panama

ships from Panama and the United States

ships from all nations

16.) Which of the following words best describes the relationship between the United States and China in the early 1900s:




none of the above

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    11. Guam

    12. Plessy vs. Ferguson

    14. None of the above (Progressive Movement)

    15. i think it's ships from all nations because the US used to have other countries pay a fee. I'm not 100% sure though

    16. enemies

    Source(s): APUSH
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    11. Cuba has never been a protectorate of the US after the Spanish American war the Philippines were for a time but out of the remaining three Guam and Puerto Rico are the only two left that are still counted as American soil.

    12.Plessy vs Ferguson

    14. Look at the first names and it will help you.Ida is a womens name the other two were brilliant men of color. The answer is African Americans.

    15.Ships from all nations have used the Panama Canal for over 100 years.

    16. Not a good relationship at all. This is about a Chinese rebellion from the year 1900

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