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even if you don't know what i'm talking about please try to answer cause on one else will and i'm scared.?

Ok well when i was about 5 i found out i had labial adhesion(when some of the labia is closed) because my vigina would dribble when i sat down. well i used premarin and i think i got to the point where it opened again but then it went back close i think so my mom showed me how to put the premarin on cause she thought i was old enough cause i was like 10 by the time i noticed something again. so then i did and i stopped after a while cause i thought it was fixed again. and when i was like 12 it hurt really bad down there so i took a urine test and it said i didn't have a Urinary tract infection. so my mom asked a nurse about it really quick and the nurse said to just start putting premarin on it again. well i'm 13 now and i recently stopped using premarin again. and i think i can tell when it grows closed or whatever cause it starts to feel soar down there. i think it growing closed again i really feel like i can't talk to my mom about it cause i have social anxiety even though shes a great mom and everything. what should i do? should i just keep using the premarin again. can the premarin do any dammage or anything? i'm shaking right now and i can feel my heart racing (i also have mitral valve prolapse with my heart so i'm probably only doing this because of that so don't worry about the shaking and heart racing.) i just really want some help cause you guys don't know me and i really hate to talk to people it makes me feel sick. help. :) thanks girls!

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    I'm not a doctor, and advise from websites like this shouldn't be relied on!.

    That said, please talk to your mum about it, she's the best place to start

    The most important thing is to make sure it's not a symptom of something else (chronic inflammation, local irritation, low estrogen levels, etc).

    - fix the cause not the symptom -

    The first thing is to find a health care professional the you trust, maybe with your mom's help.

    Someone who you feel comfortable with, not a nurse who just has a quick peek.

    Someone who sees you as a person, not a problem to be fixed.

    Maybe google women's health (or even natural women's health) in your area?

    Be sure to avoid any irritants (such as bubble baths, perfumes soaps, deodorants etc), treat any infections (such as yeast), and practice good genital hygiene (wipe from front to back).

    Wash gently, maybe aloe vera or K-Y or similar at night so they don't rub, cotton underwear (not synthetic),

    Let the area get some air every day (long skirts?).

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    It's best to use premarin as little as you can. Just the minimal amount, a minimal amount of times for a minimal period of time. There are side effects, so watch out for them, things like:

    bloating of stomach

    change in sexual desire

    cramps of lower stomach

    darkening of the skin

    diarrhea (mild)

    dizziness (mild)

    headaches (mild)

    loss of appetite

    migraine headaches


    problems with wearing contact lenses

    vomiting (usually with high doses)

    and a lot more.

    I would suggest researching a little more about this.

    And I would also suggest talking to your mom, though you're uncomfortable doing so. I think if you just say something, and just get it over with, then it will be easier in the future to talk about it. Plus your mom can probably help a lot. Good luck.

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    If the premarin was working before, you should continue to use it even if you think it is getting better and perhaps talk to your doctor the next time you are in about more permanant solutions or suggestions she might have to help you.

    Must be awful to deal with, but it sounds like as long as you are continuing with this, it was working.

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    First of all, always talk to your mom, social anxiety is social, not presonal, and i would say family is personal. also, ask your mom to take you to the doctor to ask about other options, surgery, etc. that would prevent the situation and wether or not the permarin is harmful if used when you think you may be having a reoccurance whether or not it actually is. i hope this helps and it is just my advice, anxiety is hard to live with but you will most probably be so relieved to have your moms help.

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    you can only help yourself by talking to people who have the ability to help you. asking here is like praying, and hoping for the best. you will get answers from people who may o r may not know anything. they certainly can,t help you . this is your job.

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    Yes I have to mute my sound whenever I come on this website and its kind of an inconvenience.

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    out of all the people concerning this to go to. your mom should be the best. she certainly will help you in any/everyway she knows how. i dont know what any of this stuff is so i cant help

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