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Is a plastic fish tank okay?

I want to buy another fish tank. I found a 60 gallon for $100. but it's plastic, is that okay?

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  • Steph
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    10 years ago
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    this plastic tank you are talking about might literally be normal commercial grade plastic, and may really be a reptile tank. These cant be filled to the brim with water because the plastic is not strong enough to hold that much water (water weighs 8.4lbs per gallon, thats nearly 500 pounds)

    however, if it is an ACRYLIC tank then yes, thats fine. Acrylic is a specially strong plastic especially made for fish tanks, however these tend to be more expensive than glass aquariums, so i dont think thats what youre lookin at for 100 bucks. itd probably be more like 300 for a 60 gallon acrylic

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  • Alice
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    4 years ago

    As long as it's holds about 80l of water it doesn't matter that it's made from. An 80litre tank is about 60cm long if you aren't good with tank sizes. Some of the very large and expensive tanks are made from plastic.(expensive acrylic). BUT, many of those cheap plastic tanks are simply too small for ANY fish, especially large messy ones like goldfish. I suspect what you are calling a "Large" tank is one I would consider "Small"? If you can't afford a decent size tank then I have 2 suggestions. Look for a 2nd hand tank. It need not be fancy, it just needs to hold water, and have a decent filter, which you can buy separately if needed. Everything else is optional. OR: Consider smaller fish. Most will need a heater, betta, guppies etc, but White Cloud Minnows are happy at room temperature and can live in smaller tanks. Ian Edit: The problem with those is they ARE way too small for goldfish, or most fish for that matter. the BIG size is only 12litres, my Smallest tank is 18l, and I would only keep a betta or a couple of guppies in that. Don't waste you money on those, save and get a bigger tank, your fish will live MUCH longer

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  • 10 years ago

    I actually prefer acrylic tanks. They are lighter, retain heat better, are easily customized, and scratches and cracks are easier to repair than glass tanks. The downfall is they scratch easier.

    A used acrylic tank of 60 gallons is about right at $100. Brand new they are several hundred. Just be wary of heavy scratching. Novus is a acrylic scratch remover product that can help on minor damage. It also works great on fixing scratched CDs ;)

    Source(s): Fish Store Owner
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