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what does this chinese sentence mean in english? 沒有阿 是友情的邀約?

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    My translation for the Chinese words “沒有阿, 是友情的邀約(Méiyǒu ā, shì yǒuqínɡ de yāoyuē)” is “No, that’s only an invitation of friendship.” I am not sure whether the sentence you provided is a question or a declarative sentence. But I guess it a statement. Any way, if it is a question, then the translation for it is “No, I have not. Is it an invitation from friend?” I hope this can help you.

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    沒有阿 There isn't any.

    是友情的邀約? Is this an offer of friendship?

    Source(s): lived in China several years
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    沒有阿 means "No, there isn't any."

    是友情的邀約? means "Is this an offer for friendship?"

    Source(s): I'm Chinese.
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    Ah is not an offer of friendship

    Is What It Means

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    Good Question..

    **I don't know**.. loolz.. i know sum chinese, Ni hao = hellow, Ni hao ma = how are you.. Xiexie = Thankyou

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    am not chines but my translator says it means "Ah is not an offer of friendship?"

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