Whats the password for ourpcgame.net Red Dead Redemption?

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I cant download the Babylon thing on Ourpcgame.net because of my Windows Live Care.
An error message pops up.
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ourpcgame.net is a scam to attract advertising dollars. You download it and you think you have it but then it tells you to click on the ad and find the fifth word or whatever. So they get paid for all those people clicking on ads. It's a beautiful scam as you don't even now what happened and you are deceived into thinking that it is downloaded and you just need a password. Look out for things like this on the internet, not because they will give you a virus but because they will waste your time and cause you stress. Most free Xbox and other "offers" are like that as well. Humans are an intricate breed and some are greedy enough to do anything for money. Which in the case of the Internet is mostly advertising dollars. Thanks for listening.


YouTube comments and Personal experience with the web
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