How do I Record ADP Payroll information into QuickBooks?

I need a step by step on how to record ADP Payroll information into QuickBooks. ADP is our payroll providing company. We have about 5-8 subcontractor's (that have no taxes withheld, and receive a paycheck for the gross amount), while another 2 employes of ours are actually considered actual employees (not sub-contractors) who do have taxes withheld. The company receives one biweekly check to pay all of these employees. How would I go about properly inputting this information into QuickBooks? Thank you in advance! Your help is very much appreciated!

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    The method of entry will depend on a couple of points. First, are the sub-contractors going to be getting 1099's from ADP, or would you need to generate them out of QuickBooks. If ADP is going to handle them, then I would suggest creating a check payable to ADP for the total amount of the money they withdraw. You would then split the check into two separate expenses, one portion for the total of sub-contractors expense and the remaining amount for the payroll expense.

    If ADP is not going to generate the 1099's, then you would need to enter a few transactions to accurately record the sub-contractor amounts. First, I would create a new bank account called "1099 Clearing". I would record the ADP withdraw as a check allocating the payroll portion to payroll expense and the remaining amount to the 1099 Clearing bank account. I would then go in and write a check out of the 1099 Clearing account to the individual vendors.

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