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Do you think Leonardo Dicaprio is an amazing actor?

I mean seriously, if you've seen Shutter Island and/or Inception, you will know that he's probably the best actor out there.

Looks aside, his acting is phenomenal. When it comes to scenes that involve anger or shock, he looks like he's captured in that moment, crying or screaming.

Like in Inception when that PERSON jumps (not to spoil the movie) he was screaming and crying like all of that was real.

Do you agree?


******Well I think he's amazingly outrageously HOT too! I mean seriously, i'd tap that if I was ten years older lol

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    Yes, he's my favorite actor actually :) I mean, he's so underrated it's ridiculous. I honestly have yet to see a bad Leonardo DiCaprio movie! I think the people who choose the winners of the Oscars have something against Leo or something, because it's so hard to believe that he hasn't won an Oscar yet. I think he deserves to have so many Oscars! Honestly, if he doesn't get one for Shutter Island or Inception i'm going to be really mad. I believe that he should've gotten his first Oscar a long time ago for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape as Arnie Grape. He played a mentally retarded teenage boy so well, that if i had never heard of Leonardo DiCaprio and i was just watching that movie for the first time, i would've really thought that he was retarded.

    Leo is an amazing actor, i agree completely.

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    Leo is a great actor, it's not just Shutter Island and Inception. He was great in his old stuff too. Like, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries, This Boy's Life,Marvin's Room.

    If you think Shutter Island and Inception is great acting by Leo, you should watch him in The Basketball Diaries having Heroin withdrawals.It looks so real.

    P.S. Leo does scream a lot in his movies.

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    I Agree 100%

    I personally don't think his looks are all that but his acting is AMAZING

    i was convinced after i saw 'Catch me if you Can' and 'Blood Diamond'

    he is arguably the best actor out there....i would say that JOHNNY DEPP is my absolute favorite though.....

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    I think he is ONE of the best. But I don't know every actor out there.

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    I think he's a very talented actor but I wouldn't say "amazing".

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    oh yes!

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