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information about entomology: school project.?

Im doing a project from my school, it's about entomogy. need y'all helps.!

first question: define(more than just the study of insect), include branches.

second: where can you study, how long(need what kind of education like doctor or master etc.)

third: jobs in field

fourth: specific job description

fifth: specific person

sixth: salary

seventh: list of sources used.

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    Entomology is the study of insects plain and simple, but it is certainly multifaceted, and can include research, teaching, curatorial and all sorts of other responsibilities.

    There are many fields in entomology...forensic, medical, economic, agricultural...etc, etc.

    Bachelor's degrees in ENTO exist, they usually last 3 years, maybe 4

    Depends on the job...could be many things

    Don't quite understand this one.....

    Could be very high paying (ex pest control strategies in agriculture)

    I am an entomologist, but you could probably look it up on wikipedia too...

    Good luck!!!

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