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Israel firefight with lebanon?

I was watching the news and lebanon and israel had there selfs a scuffle..Who was right and who was wrong in this situation google it or wikipedia then comment i beleave that lebanon is beacuse they fired the fist shot and israel told them what they where doing

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    Dear systemati....:

    Israel always wrong, did you see the massacres that they do in Lebanon and Ghaza?

    They killed babies, women and old people, but you americans don't hear about that because ur media is ruled by israel Lubby (CNN, FOXNEWS, BBC...) so you don't hear about it, all you hear about is Lebanese resistance, or as you called it(terrorism) "are the USA people terrors because they fight the Great Britain to take their independence? That what Lebanese people do vs israel.

    Why israel can easily enter the Lebanese land and put cameras? So Lebanese army and Hizbollah should defence them, because no one can let his country permissible front of the enemy.

    Source(s): See yhese pictures from Lebanon(israel massacres):
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    Lebanon shot first and killed a soldir

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