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    Fabolous Ft. Lil' Mo & Mike Shorey- Can't Let U Go收錄 : Street Dreams (2003) [Verse 1]

    Uh, Uh, Uh

    Baby girl

    You know my situation

    And sometimes I know you get impatient

    But you don't put on a show to get ovations

    Take it to court and go through litagations

    And I respect you gangsta

    Treat you like a princess

    And put something on your neck to thank you

    She's my pinch hitter

    When the startin lineup ain't playin right

    I come off the bench with her

    It might sound like I'm gassin you

    But it take time to get from the back seat to the passenger

    We been creepin and sneakin

    Just to keep it from leakin

    We so deep in our freakin

    That we don't sleep on the weekend

    Wifey's a little bit uptight

    Wonderin why I keep coming home in the middle of the night

    It'll be alright if y'all bump heads it'll be a fight

    But I said it'll be alright


    I really wanna be with you (be with you)

    But I gotta be real with you (real with you)

    I can't leave you alone (no)

    And I know I'll live in wrong

    But I can't let you go

    You're the one I want in my life (want in my life)

    I already got a wife (got a wife)

    I can't leave you alone (no)

    And I know I'll live in wrong

    But I can't let you go

    [Verse 2]

    You ain't never step out of line

    Or get out a pocket

    So I made sure canary sent out your locket

    To protect you I'll get out and cock it

    And you know the barrel of my gun is big enough to spit out a rocket

    Oh, you gone play dumb if cops do come through

    I gotta keep the top up if my drop do come through

    But I know the boutiques and the shops you run through

    So I cop her one and cop you one too

    You always get a daily page weekly ring

    Plus you ain't too shy to do them freaky things

    I ain't gotta put a band on your finger

    Or worry about you tellin the whole world I'm your man while I spring her

    At first you was somethin I denied

    Something I would slide

    Just to do somethin in the ride

    But shorty

    There's something you provide

    Cause the entre ain't as good without somethin on the side you know?


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