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這是我從英文電影網站找的 請問這篇是觀賞者 的讀後心得嗎?

我需要找這部電影The Zodiac Killer(黃道帶)的英文心的 ,如果者篇不是有人可以幫我找嘛!很急..

This 1971 horror/crime film is really low-budget. The acting is bad and the direction is flat. It doesn't really shed any new insight into the Zodiac case. It basically is just 86 minutes of people getting shot, stabbed, sliced, beaten, and killed in a a variety of bloody ways. Pretty much all the names of the victims have been changed and we know who the killer is early on, and it basically just follows him as he claims his victims. It is pretty boring, has bad music, and lots of cheesy 70s fashions (I just love the part with that guy's wig at the beginning, haha!). The scene with the sunbathers getting stabbed to death in the woods is creepy and bloody, but everything else is laughable. "The Zodiak Killer" is a cheap, low-budget effort that some may like and others may despise.


幾句看的董? 是否這個人不喜歡這齣電影?

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    10 years ago
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    這 1971恐怖/犯罪片實在低預算。署理惡劣,方向是平坦的。它並沒有真正擺脫任何新的洞察十二生肖案件。它基本上只是86分鐘的人槍殺,刺死,切片,毆打,殺害在機管局各種血腥的方式。幾乎所有的受害者的姓名已被改變,我們知道誰是兇手是早期,它基本上只是跟著他,因為他聲稱,他的受害者。它是相當枯燥,也有壞的音樂,和許多 70年代流行的俗氣(我只是愛的一部分,那傢伙的假髮開始時,哈哈!)。與日光浴的場景讓刺死在樹林中的爬行和血腥,但其他一切都是可笑的。 “該佐迪亞克殺手”是一種廉價的,低預算的努力,有些人可能喜歡和其他人可能會看不起。(google翻譯)

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