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how come nick hogan got out of jail so quick?

Didn't he commit man slaughter???

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    He got raped too many times and they were tired of Him threatening them with His Dad. All the rich people get away with murder and if You watch TV its called Prison Wife's and they showed this guy that got caught with meth and they gave Him 70 years. Dick Hogan killed His friend and got away with it.

    Source(s): Isn't that like the 3rd time that asshole got into a wreck with the same ugly car. I always thought He was queer but I liked His sister. Yeah His Mom is ugly and dates a kid younger then Her Son and Hulk dates a girl that looks like his Daughter. What a f'd up family.
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    simply put....the world isn't fair by ANY means.

    If the average person (middle class, but ESPECIALLY poor) committed the same crime, they would have gotten 25 to life easy. BUT since it was a celebrities kid that committed the crime, the kid got off easy. Just goes to show you that there are little to NO limits for the rich.

    Idc if he was in solitary confinement or not, the kid only got 8 months for more or less ending someone's life b/c he's a negligent douchebag (leaving them as a vegetable or killing them, is there really a difference?) His sentence wasn't sh*t and certainly didn't fit the crime. People who get caught w/t pot get more time than that.

    Hulk Hogan will always be the greatest wrestler of all time to me, but that doesn't mean I have to like his gold digger succubus of an ex wife or his dumb@ss son (whom btw couldn't fill his dad's wrestling boots if he tried.) I like brooke hogan, but only b/c A. I think she's sexy and B. she seems kinky lol

    Source(s): the truth
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    I think it is because it was an accident and because of Nick Hogan's Age, he was like 16 or 17 when the Accident happen, plus he appeared in court to be truly apologetic for his actions (I'm not saying he was actually apologetic, but he was appearing to be that way)!

    Anyways, I don't think his celebrity status influenced his sentence much, if at all, plus he was able to get his sentenced shorten due to Good Behavior while serving his jail sentence, which is common!

  • Because his father is famous. Let that had been a guy off the street. He would've got life.

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    Because of Hulk Hogan and everything he did that is noteworthy, such as slamming Andre the Giant... that is all.

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    because all the Hulkamaniacs his dad dad controls were behind him.

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    cause badass

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