Home Grid-Tie Solar Setup Help?

I am in need of information if my chosen set up will work and if i missed out on something.

I am going to install 8 130Watt Tandem Thin Film a-Si Panels

bought from www.beyondPV.com

and 1 Kw Grid Tie Inverter

bought from www.geoprotek.com/en/gs_inverter.html

Is there a way for me to install all these by myself?

Since i have totally no idea about electronic circuitry, can i just assume that these are all plug and play or is there a special way to plug all these in series or parallel?

Do i need to consider the specifications of the items or are these things fine to go with each other?

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  • 10 years ago
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    A few thoughts.

    Hopefully you know that a-Si panels, although cheaper, do not last very long, and soon weaken. I know of no professional who uses a-Si panels.

    If you know nothing about electricity, I would strongly suggest you not try to install this yourself. At a minimum, get someone to help you that knows what they're doing. Wire and conduit must be sized right, or it will never pass inspection. Even if something doesn't burn up right away, it could be a slow hazard waiting to burn up years later when a loose connection oxidizes. Much better to get an electrician to hook things up.

    To connect such a thing to the grid, you will generally need permission from your electric company. They can brief you on the requirements. Usually, they require a signed off building permit from your local authority like City Hall.

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  • The place selling you the stuff should be able to answer these questions. If not I would shop elsewhere.

    The grid inverter will need to be wired to your main panel, that part will not just plug into something.

    Good luck, I wish I could do something like that and tell the utility company where they can stick it.

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  • 3 years ago

    Guide To Solar Power - http://SolarPower.siopu.com/?HGP

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