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How to find a person online for free?

Im trying to find a person online and every website says it's free but it's really not. so now i need a completely free website that I can find a persons phone number and address.

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    Your questions are very targeted and specific.

    Asking telephone numbers and address are against the privacy policy of every website provider.

    You wouldn't want anybody to know your address or telephone number by just going to a certain website - do you?

    The soft approach would be searching them with any social networking site like FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, etc.

    This site gives you loads of information and you can even contact them. Recently I was contacted by my classmate from my early years.

    It is quite amazing how you will be connected with this people for quite a long time - and its FREE !

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    The website http://www.switchboard.com/ gives the information for free if it is listed in the telephone directory. If the person is unlisted, or has only a cell phone, then you usually cannot find it for free. However, I have sometimes been able to find it by typing the person's name into a search engine and finding something online saying to call the person (for example, a newsletter from an organization saying the members interested in something the person was organizing should call the person to sign up for the event) and providing a phone number.

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    Facebook and other social networking sites like LinkedIn are the best way to go to find someone. You will find that someone you know will know someone that will know the person you're looking for.

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    You don't say which part of the world you are in. If you are in the UK I just recently found relatives through the BT Phonebook.

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    I have found family member class mates and long lost friends on facebook. amazing.

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    So theres this great thing -- its called the phonebook. Ok sorry, I have no idea.

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    Try these two free person finder sites:



    Source(s): http://pipl.com/
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