what .45 ACP semi-auto pistol should I get?

Im looking for a polymer for home defense. Im driving myself crazy. i have been looking at FNH, SIG, HK, RUGER. I had a glock 17 years ago, great gun but wanted to try something different. are the XD's any good. maby something with a nice, smooth, quick, trigger. not looking for the cop-out answer "try a bunch and get what feels best to you". what would ALL OF YOU recommend? (non 1911) THANKS

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    Ok, polymer, home defense, non 1911 design and not a Glock in .45 ACP and you want a hard recommendation.

    Ok, lets go by elimination - to start with I'm not a particular fan of Rugers. I don't much like their trigger feel, and in their non - polymer models they have the most irritating magazine release in my opinion. So scratch those.

    Next up? Smith and Wesson M&P .45 - I actually was shooting one today, nice pistol, 10 round magazine, ambi slide release and can be an ambi mag release. Still, it didn't quite fit me very well. It is narrow in the grip, which with my larger palms isn't quite that comfortable - although you can change out the backstrap. So, close - but no cigar.

    Next up? Springfield XD/M - Surprisingly nice trigger, and higher capacity - I think it is at 14+1 in .45 ACP. Still for me, it's a little tall, so it is a bit snappy to my feel coming back on target and, again I have trouble getting a consistent grip quickly on the gun. So, again even a little closer - but I'll go a bit further ...

    Next up? H&K USP .45 - I like everything about this gun, for me the boxey sort of grip is fine and it's accurate. The only two things I don't like about it are the price, and H&K pistols have a particular style of trigger that you have to get used to. It isn't heavy, but it isn't quite crisp and tends to be long. So, this is a toss up with the Springfield. However ...

    FNP .45 - This would be my choice. Fully ambi, 14 round capacity, accurate, the trigger is pretty good for a stock gun both in double action and in single action. It is a DA/SA with a decocker and safety, so it has all of the options for carry. Plus it is probably close to the cheapest. Also, it is surprisingly comfortable to shoot.

    Now, guns I've eliminated are the CZ97 (metal and not ambi) which I like pretty well, the SIGP220, again because it is metal and you specifically talked polymer - otherwise I do really like the SIG.

    Good luck.


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    Best 45 Semi Auto

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    what .45 ACP semi-auto pistol should I get?

    Im looking for a polymer for home defense. Im driving myself crazy. i have been looking at FNH, SIG, HK, RUGER. I had a glock 17 years ago, great gun but wanted to try something different. are the XD's any good. maby something with a nice, smooth, quick, trigger. not looking for the cop-out...

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    If your looking for a polymer for home defense I would go with a Springfield XDM. They make a great .45 ACP. It holds 13rounds and has a great trigger with a match grade barrel. There a alot of good features to list. So here is a link for the XDM


    But don't just go off of our remarks. Only use the replys as a reference. Your next handgun should be bought with your preference's in mind. Go with what feels right to you. Don't let the salesman talk you into buying something you don't want

    Personally I would go with a 1911.

    I hope you find what your looking for.

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    Years ago I walked into our local gun shop early one morning and plucked down a few safe queens - some revolvers and rifles I had not used in years. I wanted a new CCW pistol. I had not kept up with the times or read any of the latest magazines. I handled the Glocks, Sigs, S&W - and that morning the put out the first XD in 45acp. I liked that it had a loaded chamber indicator, a c0cked indicator, and held 13 rounds. The seemed like the safest gun for me - since I had three young boys and I need to load and unload it every night at the safe. I walked out with the XD - two months later it is the pistol of the Year, all kinds of awards start showing up in all the mags.

    It's been about 5 years and many, many boxes of ammo. I have the service model and love it. My son who is taller has the larger tactical model - he can pull it off CCW. We both agree the tactical is much more fun and useful for target shooting - but I really like mine service model for CCW.

    I carry the XD 45acp in the spring and summer. Come fall and winter I carry the FN FiveSeveN. Fully loaded with 20 rounds this FN weighs exactly half what my XD does when loaded. I have no issues nailing fox sized target at 200 yards - lots of ranchers have stopped carrying a 22 Hornet in the truck for varmints and switched to this pistol. It is both great for personal defense and CCW - but - quite handy for winter critters. I live in Alaska and carry it on a trap line.

    After 2 years and 2500rds of ammo - the FN I had bought second hand (they are $1300 new) developed a hitch in the slide function. I droped it in a plastic pistol body bag and sent it back to the FN HomeWorld - expecting to have some honked off FN gunsmith call me about how I treated thier pistol. Out of the blue - UPS delivered a brand new pistol kit - brand new gun, case with 3 mags and all the wrenches, manuals etc. FN is a class act.

    When I wear a business suit - I have a Walther PPK/s.

    My recommendataion to you - go try on some Galco, Bianchi and other holsters and see what fits you. Once you find a type of holster that suits your body type and style of clothing - then go find a pistol that fits those holsters. No sense owning the most best pistol in the universe - if you have to dress like a LumberJack to carry it! Or Worse - nobody makes a decent holster - and you are stuck with an Uncle Mikes one size fits none.

    They do not make one pistol that 'does it all' - if they did my wife would have bought me one a long time ago and sold all the rest!

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    I would personally go for the new Ruger P97 .45 ACP Polymer auto pistol. It is a very accurate service grade gun, the barrel and slide are very well made with Ruger's great 400 series stainless steel and injection molded polymer frame. I have personally gone with the the double action only (DAO) model, but that's just a personal preference. You cannot and will not go wrong with this gun, and it a damn fine sidearm.

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    Hi-point if you want something cheap, check out jg sales for surplus

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    well damn i was goin to say 1911 but sense thats out hk or xd they are good but id be more comfertable puting my life behind the hk

    Source(s): taught by my dad to shoot at 5 who is a cop and ex army personnel
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    I would go for the Ruger p345 http://ruger.com/products/p345/models.html

    they are good guns and the one I shot had no problems.

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