Paul Simon or Art Garfunkel?


if anyone on yahoo answers even knows who these people are

Update 2:

Paul Simon - Fifty ways to leave your lover

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    Simon because he was the one that actually wrote the stuff!

    In fact that was the big reason they broke up in 1970!

    Look at their discography:

    Garfunkel didn't write one song and sorry but doing an arrangement to a traditional song don't count as writing!

    Simon was tired of Garfunkel,in essence,riding his creative crutch!

    Hell,Garfunkel didn't even start writing on his own material until this album in 2002:

    I rest my case!

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    Paul Simon

  • townes
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    Like the Beatles, they were both lesser apart than together. But I choose Paul Simon. He wrote the often-good songs, he had the guitar skills, and he really did do some great solo work in the 80s. As opposed to Garfunkel, who merely did some very pretty work, and some interesting acting long ago.

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    Lyrically, Paul Simon has few equals. At the risk of being hunted down, I'd say he's far better a lyricist than Dylan. However, Art Garfunkel has an amazing voice.

    Favorite song: "My Little Town" (S&G), "Breakaway" (Art), "All Around the World or a Myth of Fingerprints" (Paul).

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    in effortless terms 5? Simon & Garfunkel - Boxer, The Simon & Garfunkel - Hearts & Bones Simon & Garfunkel - mom & baby Reunion Simon & Garfunkel - Slip Slidin' Away Simon & Garfunkel - some thing So real Simon - Father & Daughter Garfunkel - All i understand

  • Adam
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    I would go with Paul Simon.

  • 1 decade ago

    I do. I'd go with Art Garfunkel. He had the better voice.

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