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I have a question about the types of nurses?

I've been thinking about my future, and I did some research.. I would really like to be a nurse.

Either a Pediatric nurse, or a neonatal nurse.

What is the difference between a pediatrician, and a pediatric nurse? Which one requires more years of studying? And, which has the better pay?

Also, do you need to study for a longer time to become a neonatal nurse, than a pediatric nurse?

What are the requirements, and hours of study?

Thank you for your help :)


What I meant was *years of study (not hours)

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    A Pediatrician is an MD, with the many years of study it takes to get there (9 years) plus another year or more of a Residency to specialize as a Pediatrician. A Pediatric Nurse is an RN, who has gone through a minimum of two years (Associate Degree) to school and then decided to work and concentrate her career in dealing with children and young adults (basically Newborn to 18 yrs.). The Neonatal Nurse is the same RN (minimum 2 year Associate Degree) who has decided to work and focus her career caring for ill newborns, Many Hospitals that are Pediatric/ Neonatal Specialized hospitals will only hire RN's with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (another route to go to get an RN that is through a 4 year University based Program). In both fields it takes at minimum a year to really learn the area well and complete all the very specialized training given by the institution to get the RN to a very competent level as a Pediatric Nurse or a Neonatal Nurse. Also the American Nurses Association does offer some special certifications through exam after a number of years in the specialty to become a "Certified" Nurse or RNC.

    Source(s): Registered Nurse (BSN, RNC) 36+ years with a specialty as a Pediatric Nurse in a Children"s Hospital rated in the top 10 in the US.
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    You do not specialize in nursing until you have graduated: the education to become a RN is the same for all nurses. Specialization takes place on the job. So regardless of whether you become a neonatal RN or a pediatric RN; you still get your RN (via a community college route or a university bachelors route) and then you get hired into the peds floors or a NICU & get trained. Salary does NOT depend on specialty. Salary is calculated on years of experience.

    A pediatrician is a MD.

    Source(s): peds PA
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    A pediatrician is a doctor who has studied medicine and then has done residency for 3 years to be specialised in seeing children, definitely more years of study. A pediatric nurse, one can opt. for to be working with children once one has trained to become a nurse first, and after working as a pediatric nurse, i guess one has to take more training and studying ofcourse to become a neonatal nurse since it requires working with newborns and more care and diligence and intervention.

    It does not require years of study to be a neonatal nurse after you have become a pediatric nurse, just some months or they have certain no. of hours or credits actually. The exact requirement, you can ask in the nursing college or ask a neonatal nurse in a hospital or look in the websites for nursing.

    Good luck

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    Well relying on in which you are living, generally there's a Registered Nurse, or a Registered Practical Nurse. A Practical nurse can administer cure to a sufferer in a health facility, traditionally deliver needles, support a sufferer out to get comfy and do rounds in a health facility, on exclusive flooring. The Registered Nurse can do extra corresponding to begin I.V's exchanging intensive dressings, characterizations etc. Usually you simply pass to college to be a nurse that is generally a 4 yr application, then when you begin doing all your sensible side within the health facility as side of you schooling you may also discover in which you favor running, Usually whilst you get employed at a health facility then you'll transfer round to exclusive locations and make a decision in which it's that you just desire to be, perhaps in exertions and supply, perhaps surgical procedure, perhaps pediatrics, who is aware of. Good Luck!

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