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Is Happ the Ace in Houston?

I was a huge Happ fan. Probably my fav phillies player he got traded to Houston and Houston stinks so is he considered the ace? Also do you think its hard for a player to part with a team?Thanks just wondering

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    Also a huge Happ fan I was sad to see him leave Philly. Houston has two of the Phils ex players and their current ace would be Brett Myers. Myers who was up and down when he was in Philly is having a pretty solid year as the Astros number one starting pitcher.

    When it comes to leaving a team, I am sure a player has a hard time of it. For Happ, who came up through the Phillies farm system this was his first time being traded which is always the toughest on a player. Most of the time trades mean having to leave your city you call home and uproot your family somewhere else. Like I said this was Happ's first trade. In addition to having to leave your home you also have to leave your team which is tough. happ was with the phillies from the minors and knew the team very well. All of his teammates loved him, said he was a great teammate and had excellent demeanor. Leaving a team where you are good friends with your teammates is tough. Especially since it is his frist time traded it is hard because you get the feeling your team doesn't want you and that you are just a pawn for them to aquire a better player because their chance of winning with you wasn't good enough. Unfortunately for him he went from 2008 World Series Champions and contending team to one of the worst teams in baseball. Being on the Astros however will give Happ a starting role for a long time and give him a chance to develop. He may not be worng but he is fairly new to the Major Leagues. Give it a few years and Happ will probably be Houston's ace.

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    Happ is a middle of the rotation guy, as comin from a phillie fan.

    He was kinda lucky in 09 with good defense around him, im seeing an ERA around 3.80 or so in Houston. He's not that great, probably gonna be average. Give Ed Wade credit for giving us so much for so little

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    No. Brett Meyers is. I think Happ is the 2 or 3 pitcher in Houston.

    EDIT: Happ Isn't that young. Brett Meyers is only 2 years older than him.

    1. Brett Meyers

    2. J.A. Happ

    3. Wandy Rodriguez

    That's Houston's top 3 IMO

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    no, he isnt but one day he might be, he is young yet and i guess it depends what team your on if its hard to part with them, different for all people

    27 is pretty young and he was good last year, he could become a good pitcher- myers just isnt good and doesnt look like he has potential

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    not yet but 1 day yes he will b right now it's wandy rodriguez

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    He is the closest thing to one there.

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