how come peopla can recomend the DIY online Manual ALLDATA,?

that online manual uis a rip off, got not a single repair procedure (a la Haynes), just a bunch of diagrams most of them without even the legend to tell you what is in the numbers,

I bought the access thinking it would be faster than reading a Haynes book as it is online and should be fairly easy to search and find stuff, it's all a bunch of link to scanned diagrams, and stuff I can get from my owners manual.

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    I apologize for the difficulties you have had with our product. I can assure you that we strive to keep our data as organized as possible, though at times some vehicles can be difficult to navigate. To remedy this we have a navigation chart available to assist you in finding some hard to find procedures. Email me at and I will send you the chart, as well as look into any specific issues you have.

    The advantage of our information is that we are constantly updated with the most current procedures, TSBs, and recalls. You would be hard pressed to find that in a printed paper manual.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me back,

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    I use Alldata all the time when I need a wiring diagram among other things then again I am a professional mechanic so that might make a difference

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    all data is great it has more than what your owners manual your just lookin at the stuff that is in the owners manual

    it tells you how to fix everything in your car

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