What does this dream about a blue snake mean?

I had a dream last night that i was in a building maybe like a school and i was talking to some people again no one i knew and this guy came up to me and told me to follow him i followed him into a room where this huge multicolored blue snake was trying to eat the person on the ceiling. As soon as i saw this i ran. Everyone ran out of the room I ran into the room i was in before and closed the door. for some reason the door almost looked like glass cause i could see the snake at the door trying to get in. there were windows in the class room and a couple were loose so i got one off and realized i couldn't climb out there so i went tto the other one and got out well once i was outside i realized people were running away because somehow the snake was outside. I saw my husband out there so i told him to run to the car. I got in and closed the door while my husband got in and left the door open. He was talking to some people i didn't know how and i was freaking out yelling at him to close the door finally he did but once i was in the car with him i realized the snake was gone. i woke up after that it was a strange dream!

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    Snakes can symbolize many things in a dream. Here, the snake is blue, which is a healing color and often represents the throat chakra, which stands for communication. Snakes can symbolize a person who would betray us or a situation in which harm befalls us if we do not employ wisdom. It is set in a classroom, so this is a learning experience - learning how to deal with the snake in the room. There is a person on the ceiling - a ceiling is a high place where one can go to but can go no further. A door is a choice or entry way, and it is glass so that you can see through it, but perhaps not being able to make the choice you want to at the moment as the snake is guarding it.

    You didn't describe the ceiling as glass, but in working life a "glass ceiling" is a reference, mostly to women in employment, who are allowed in the company to move up only so far and then get stuck by prejudice against women.

    Your husband is oblivious to the whole issue. He leaves the car door open without realizing the danger. Cars are symbols of forward movement in life.

    I believe you have some decision to make. I think it has to do with work. You may be inspired to leave because someone is keeping you from moving ahead. You are at the privot point of making some crucial decision.

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    Blue Snake Dream

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    Take notice that the mind uses symbols to tell you something about yourself.

    Following him = external guidance, what seems to be right

    blue snake= following advice, someone outside guidance specially if you never done something before. is seem always fearful. Should we look inside for our gut feelings ?

    running away= the fears makes us always run away, but real Love never fears. We try always to save the familiar...some judgment, concept that we hold dear, that we always apply, take for granted, in particular situation. Should we release judgment ?

    The franctic chaos that life brings us is always freightning, but we have always inner guidance that we can depend on. It reverses the fears of chaos and order.

    Peace to every mind

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