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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 10 years ago

God & Internet: has the Internet killed. god is dead. internet killed god?

google: god

google: god in china africa india europe.

google: CIA factbook.

Nitzsche: God is Dead.

Internet: God is Hoax God is fake. god is Opiate of the masses.

Has the Internet killed religion?

Has the Internet killed god?

"claims need evidence"

"claims requires evidence"

"where's the evidence" for god good goooood or goooooooood?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    You can't kill something that never existed. But information and facts can eradicate ignorance and mythology. If god can't stand up to the facts, can't stand up to people being informed and learning something, then it's not much of a god, is it?

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  • 10 years ago

    Talk is cheap, and Internet talk is very cheap. There is plenty of evidence of an intelligent Creator in the world of living things.

    For instance, ever tried to swat a fly? Not necessarily easy, right? Know why? It has to do with the fly's navigational system. It has a single vibrating rod in its abdomen, and as it changes direction in flight, it senses the changes in the vibrations of that rod and is able to dodge you, fly and land upside down and backwards. What would the Air Force pay to have flying and navigational systems that good?

    How did the fly manage to evolve such a system? Even if it evolved a flopping rod, what good would it be without the muscles to vibrate it? And the unusual vibrating motion? And the nerves to send the signals from the rod to the brain? And the section of the brain to interpret the signals? And the correct instructions to interpret them? And the correct instructions to the part of the brain that controlled the wings as to what to DO about those signals? All AT THE SAME TIME. ALL USELESS UNTIL COMPLETE, giving natural selection no advantage to select during all the early "developmental stages". Wouldn't that be a remarkable coincidence? I ask people, "Could YOU sit down, right now, and write the code for such a set of instructions? And if your ten billion well trained and coordinated neurons put together can't do it with an education and a computer, is it really sensible to think that flies did it by themselves?"

    The fly has a complete navigational system that is self-constructing (in its egg), self-reproducing, self-programming, self-correcting, that can fly upside down and backwards, avoiding dangers and locating and recognizing fuel (food), that requires even MORE entire, completely developed systems that even large groups of highly educated humans cannot or are only now beginning to be able to copy (and only by intelligent design), all microminiaturized into a space smaller than the head of a pin, with the code for it in characters that are the size of molecules (I wonder how many characters per inch that works out to? Pretty hi-tech data storage).

    So I ask people, "In your experience, how many complete flying and navigational systems do you know of that have happened completely by accident, with no intelligent thought or design?" "Did you ever read the story of all the thought and work needed to design and build a flying machine, as told by the Wright brothers themselves? So how scientific is it to say that it just happened by blind accidents in the case of the lowly, incredibly complex fly?"

    All of the animal and plant world is full of examples like these. Your body is, too. Johns Hopkins University made the newspapers by making one enzyme. It must have been pretty hard to do. It was no accident. But your liver manufactures over nine hundred enzymes, all necessary for you to live, and no one thinks about putting THAT in the paper. "Could have happened completely by accident" (which is what evolution equates to, isn't it?) But if 900+ enzymes could happen so easily, simply by accidents of evolution, then why put the university in the news because it was able to produce ONE?

    This isn't defending the indefensible things done and taught supposedly in God's name...

    Best regards,


    Source(s): "Evolution or Creation By God--Which?", Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah's Witnesses); "Life--How Did It Get Here, By Evolution or by Creation?", ibid.; (Awareness of human systems): "Happiness--How to Find It", ibid.; "Bionics: the Science That Mimics Nature", Readers Digest, 1960's; Wright Brothers' Memorial, Museum, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, USA
    • Daniel S4 years agoReport

      The internet may be cheap but so are gods. 3000 of them to date and no evidence for any. What is perplexing is worshiping a jealous genocidal war god. Yahweh killed 5,000,000 and wants ignorance and subservience and he is the good guy. There are comics with better storylines

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  • 10 years ago

    somewhere around 1941 headline or front cover of Time magazine, (does that magazine still exist) "God is Dead" this was and perhaps is the philosophy of the country of Mexico, i think they embraced socialism in those years. look at the condition of mexico today, sad place mexico is,. as for God being dead, hmmmmm, there are those who believe He does not exist and say "how can something be dead that does not exist" how can you find something that is not lost"?

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  • 10 years ago

    "God is dead." - Nietzsche, 1886

    "Nietzsche is dead." - God, 1900

    Source(s): owned...
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