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Was President Obama correct when he described the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Whether you're driving your car, or driving the U.S.:

“When you want to go forward, what do you do? You put it in D,” Obama said at a Democratic National Committee event in Atlanta.“When you want to go back? You put it in R.”

Do Americans want to go back to the policies of George W. Bush, the policies that put the U.S. in such terrible shape?

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    Rico, The economic polices that ruined the economy were signed into law by Clinton. Specifically two things. Allowing sub prime montages to be bundled and sold as securities. This is what lead to the destabilization of the financial sector. The other was regulations and rules that forced banks to give loans to low income people for homes. The regulations were sent to investigate banks that would not make enough high risk loans. Banks like fanny and Freddy were left alone as they conned and tricked poor individuals into Mortgages with interest rates that intentionally ballooned. Bush's failure was not reversing these practices because he wanted to be a compassionate conservative. The ditch we are is a ditch the republicans and democrats dug together. Both democrats and republicans forced banks to give high risk loans poor people and then allowed them to be sold as securities killing both the hosing and securities markets. At least now the republicans are asking for Fanny and Fanny to be investigated. Democrats want to bail them out again. They pushed through a 2000 page financial reform bill that does not put any restrictions on Fanny or Freddy. It allows the fed to look at all your credit card and debit card charges and every purchase over 600 dollars will now need to be accounted for by federal law that will rely make things better. Everybody talks about how deregulation caused the problems the fact is the regulations that were in place (auditing banks that did not give out high risk loans and not auditing banks that did) were the problem. The ditch we are in is government caused. I have gotten stuck in a ditch before you do not get out by Driving further into the ditch. Some times you need to Reverse. And that means looking for true fiscal conservatives be they democratic or republican and voting out any body who thinks more government intervention is the answer. Government saying to banks you must loan to the poor was the root cause of this problem . Who gained? The poor are even more poor and now have even worst credit. The government can now look at more of your individual records without a court order. And the bad fat cat bankers get even more federal insurance for making bad fiscal decisions.

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    The CRA and other policies put in place over the last forty years are what caused the "mess."

    The housing crisis was caused by "fairness" being inserted into a capitalist system.

    Funny how the democrats today blame the republicans for so-called deregulation, when no deregulation

    happened under Bush and it was the democrats like Maxine Waters who demanded that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were doing just great in 2004. While Republicans tried to fix the problems the democrats insisted there weren't any problems.

    And here we are today.

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    It's one thing when Obama is preaching to the choir and making a meaningless comment out of fun. It's another thing when someone takes that meaningless comment and tries to put actual meaning behind it. Democrats are quick to latch on to superficial emotional surfaces of issues, like this. Republicans peal away the layer to get at the real, substantiate issues.

    What you haven't been told is that the Bush years weren't that bad, especially since how 9/11 and the grounding of airlines hurt the economy. Unemployment was 5.1%. This being said, why do you assume that Conservatives WANT to go back the the policies of Bush? Obama wants to imply they do. It was Bush's spending that gave birth to the Tea Parties, before they were Tea Parties. Some Conservatives were disillusioned with his spending early on, even before 9/11, myself included. He tended to believe what he wanted to believe about things, which resulted in "don't rock the boat" politics with the impending mortgage meltdown.

    This being said, Democrats are oblivious to their contribution to the mortgage meltdown. They strong-armed banks into issuing more sub-prime mortgages than they wanted. ACORN did this on the local level. The pushed Fannie and Freddie into buying up these sub-prime mortgages and issuing mortgage-backed securities. Wall St. greed bought these up. Dems did this to look like heroes (at any cost) to their constituents looking for low-cost home ownership. Fannie and Freddie, the biggest facilitators to the recession, are except from the latest financial overhaul. Dems are, once again, pushing for mortgage packages with $1,000 down payments. They don't get it!

    Obama and the Dems are using yet another superficial, emotional statement about going back to Bush policies. You would have thought that they would have learned after "change" and "hope". They're pushing these because what they have done is just not popular. Their "triumph" of health care is showing it be a bloated, bureaucratic mess that keep getting more expensive and it's barely even started. It was crammed down the throats of American, along with gross bribery.

    Listen for more superficial, emotional complains about Republicans to come. None which will be able to stand up under scrutiny for those who choose to do so.

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    I want to go into reverse from this administration. We don't necessarily have to go back to Bush. There are other options. I can't help but wonder about why people think its a choice between Bush and Obama. Bush already served his two terms. The only reason I'm for the conservatives is to undo what Obama has done to this country. The Democrats I knew in my lifetime don't exist anymore. Progressives belong in Europe. Even Europe is rejecting them and their ideas.

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    There are many opinions that the 8 Bush were "prosperity for all". They weren't. The Clinton years come the closest to being a "prosperity for all" decade, the most prosperous I have ever lived through during my lifetime. Most of my life I have lived through Republican administrations, and they have ALL been oppressive to the 20% on the bottom of the economic scale. Every time a Republican is elected (or appointed), unemployment goes up and purchasing power goes down. And it usually goes up amongst the bottom 20% of the economic ladder. This directly benefits the top 10% of the economic ladder, and it never "trickles down" to anyone below that. It is a testimony to human endurance that a few people manage to climb from the working class into the elite class without going it all alone like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett did. If you don't measure the effects of partisan politics on everyone in your economy, you're lying to yourself and the American people about what you are doing to them and to your country. In a word, I wouldn't go back to ANY Republican years, just because people like me suffer, and suffer terribly, from their policies.

    Source(s): I DO NOT tolerate lies!
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    Then Catherine theory returned for a 2nd, and asked, "Why won't be able of you freshen up after your man or woman damn canine like a guy?" She went directly to alter into President of america, and construction upon the successes of her predecessor President Obama, persevered to force out the bastards that earnings off unemployment. She additionally dedicated progression and source use to workers relatively than firms by using localizing economies and potential production, thereby assisting create a extra ideal, extra healthy, extra passable worldwide for all, a worldwide that persons shelter invariably. by using that factor, however, the homeless vet replace into lifeless from the main cancers he have been given spraying crap on fiberglass bath bottoms for 25 years till now he have been given fired and alter into homeless. So it is going. Your crappy little fairy memories do no longer withstand certainty.

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    Fortunately for both sides, "W" has already had two terms, and he is HISTORY.

    Bush was a good man, and at least we KNEW he was a Christian, and NOT AN IDEOLOGUE like Nobama.

    With that said, Bush was a Liberal Repub and Obama is acloset Marxist, and no even honest enough to admit it.

    My suggestion?


    And at the rate Obongo's numbers are falling, 41% approval rating from Gallup after only 19 months! we have a lucky shot at a Mitt, Huck, or Sarah winnig the big one in two years.

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    Let me translate what he said for you - If the American people by a large percentage disagree with me, I will put it in F and then add a U

    Edit -

    Rusty... Don't go down that road:

    1) George Wallace (very big on civil rights)

    2) Orval Faubus (Called the national guard out to keep black kids out of a white school)

    3) Bull Connor (Dogs and fire hoses on protesters)

    4) FDR (Racial profiling / internment camps)

    5) Kennedy / Johnson (Escalation of Vietnam into full blown war)


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    I really get sick and tired of him blaming every one but him. Then he uses this divisive tone and scorns the republicans. Well I hate to tell him but I am tired of being scorned. That was my mothers job not his.

    Why doesn't he talk about what his plan is rather than criticize. He needs to man up or shut up!

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    Was George Bush the ONLY Republican who ever lived? Didn't any one ever hear of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson? Are these Dems to be considered perfection personified?

    They decline of anything did not start with Bush, regardless of how you think he performed.

    The sole prerequisite for being President, is not catchy sound bites of dubious factual worth.

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