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In email, what does "Cc/Bcc" mean?

You know, like when you're filling out the subject and the recipient there's a line to fill out that says "Cc/Bcc".

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    CC Stands for Carbon Copy

    BCC Stands for Blind Carbon Copy

    CC was originally used on paper letters at the bottom to indicate that a copy of the letter was also sent to someone else. For example, if your doctor was referring you to a hospital they would write a letter and at the very bottom put CC: <your name> to note that they are sending you a copy of this letter as well.

    It is the same when used in e-mails (you might CC someones manager or colleague).

    BCC is exactly the same except that the person receiving the mail will not know that someone else has been copied in on the e-mail.

    BCC is also useful if you want to send an e-mail to many people but don't want them to see who else received it (e.g. for data protection reasons)

    It is best to put your own e-mail address in the 'To:' field otherwise it looks weird in other people's inboxes.

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    CC means Carbon Copy - this person also gets the email. They know its not actually to them - its just a copy. The main recipient knows the other person got the copy.

    BCC mean Blind Carbon Copy - this person also gets the email and knows it is not actually to them - its just a copy. However, the main recipient DOES NOT KNOW it has been sent to the BCC person.

    BCC is pretty useful if you want to send an email to a bunch of people but you don't want everyone to be able to see all the other people it was sent to.

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    CC = Carbon Copy

    BCC = Blind Carbon Copy

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    CC= Carbon Copy

    BCC= Blank Carbon Copy

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