my friend got us lost on a road trip so had to backtrack for three hours through france, what do i do?

we were all on a road trip trying to get from birmingham to gueret in france and left one of our mates in the car to read the map and direct us there for the trip as they claimed to know how to read a map and could understand french. Problem was he managed to get us lost for about three hours and so we left him in cholet at the first service station we saw cause we were all that annoyed and then tried to get there without him which took another 2 hours to do leaving us all pretty pissed off and tired by the time we got there pretty much ruining the holiday. how do we get him to apologise?

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  • Mary
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    10 years ago
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    You actually think HE should apologise, after YOU left him? What he did was a mistake. What you did was intentional and mean.

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  • cowans
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    3 years ago

    basically hit the buddy over the pinnacle, throw him interior the returned and whilst he wakes up he will have not have been given any theory you had to stop thirty 5 circumstances to pee. that's what it sounds like he merits! surely however, once you're basically sitting in a automobile for a on the same time as your bladder does enhance somewhat for the reason which you finally end up having to hold it for say 5 or ten minutes till now you will get to a washing room, then the subsequent time your bladder fills up that's already somewhat stretched. i think of you would be basically advantageous. Sip a gatorade besides alongside with basically water. it is going to shop you extra hydrated with much less relatively ingesting.

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  • 10 years ago

    You left him?

    I think you should be the one apologising. Maybe it was just some little mistakes or something. Most friends may have been annoyed, but would have laughed it off.

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  • 10 years ago

    its not all his fault reading maps are really hard to do and you should apologise as well for leaveing him behind so it was your fault as well he did't know how to read a map and you left the only guy who posibly could do a map behind

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  • 10 years ago

    happy krunk forever!!!

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