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Girls: Did you know getting hit in the vagina hurts really bad?

OMG lol I wanted to see how bad it would hurt, and so I asked my friend to hit me there, and she kneed me as hard as she could, and I couldn't believe how bad it hurt. I was on the ground for a while. I even couldn't breath & cried. Did you know that it really hurts to get hit there? Have you ever been hit in the vagina b4? How much did it hurt you?

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    Anatomy lesson:

    Nature wants you to protect your genitalia. Having them inside you is helpful, but no where near enough protection to make it not hurt. So yes, taking a field goal to the cooter will hurt something fierce, but it will never hurt more than an equal kick to the nuts. Long and short of it is this. Don't get hit in the vagina. Also, keep sand out of there.

    Source(s): I am an expert on both ball busting and snatch smashing.
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    Yes. it does. I found out when I was a little girl a gymnastics class on the balancing beam. I wanted to roll up in to a ball. But that was too painful.

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    Ive been hit in both the penis and vagina before, and i can definitely tell you that the vagina hurts more.

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    Very painful

  • I know rite! My boo cuntpunted me last week & it hurt like a muddafucka

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    I've been hit before. That was ultimate pain!

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    hehehe, your on reddit. so, you got hit in the vag ey. what did you think was gonna happen?

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    better than getting hit in the balls.

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