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    原曲落落長 音樂有剪過


    演唱: Chamillionaire ft Slick Rick

    曲名: Hip Hop Police

    專輯: Ultimate Victory (2007年發行)


    With so much drama in the industry

    Hip Hop Police are listening

    Be careful or you'll be history

    Looks like another unsolved mystery

    It's murda, murda, murda

    Ah it's murda, murda, murda

    Yeah it's murda, murda murda

    Somebody tell em it's murda

    Murder was the case and they blamed me

    Chamillionaire (Cham as Hip Hop Police) [Verse 2]:

    (Stop lying to me boy, it'd be best you confess

    I can smell the BS on the scent of your breath

    Saw the ??? while I was inspecting your deck

    Saw that you was ridin dirty when I looked at the rest

    Who is this guy Busta? Who is this guy Snoop?

    Who is his other friend who's wearing the sky blue?

    Look at this pic here, he standing beside you

    Tell me his name now, I heard he was piru

    Confiscated the CD's at one of your homes

    For evidence ever since we heard some of your songs

    What about this Pimp guy, he was on one of your songs

    I coulda sworn he said he had a pocket full of stones

    Am I wrong?) Hell yeah, I don't know who that is

    I don't know no Pimp C, all I know is I'm rich

    And I'ma bond like James, bet I be out here quick

    Man (You ain't getting out of here, you must think that your slick

    In the car we confiscated The Chronic and The Clipse

    Diary that you had and all your Blueprints

    On the Death Row booklet, we found your two prints

    Your thumb and your index, the judge will love this)



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    這個版本 MV 較短

    試聽確認 0:33 之後 開始


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