Isn't Randy Orton currently the most boring main eventer in WWE?

Okay, I know Sheamus is pretty boring too, but Orton is one level above The Celtic Road Runner. Sheamus is still second place in creating colossal bore, though. I cannot believe he constantly got Triple H, John Cena, Edge, and Orton as his opponents but can't make a legendary match from even one of them.

Back to Orton, I think his character is great and it's perfect for what the WWE needs right now. I have no doubt he'll become the top face in the company soon and will have a great career, but I just can't stand watching his matches unless he's pulling out all the stops or in a gimmick match.

If his character was a heel it'd be okay because he's not expected to be exciting to watch in the ring, his job is to keep the face down and not let him get up any offense. But as a face he wrestles like a heel and it's frustrating to watch when he clearly has so much talent.

Usually there's two main spots in his matches that anyone gets excited for, the DDT off the ropes and the RKO, which seems like the only move he varies. Now that's great when he starts to hit them but what else does he do? The neckbreaker over his back move, scoop powerslam and that's about it in a usual match, besides kicking and punching. And people complain about John Cena's 5 moves of doom.

The only thing I like about a Randy Orton match is the finish, because usually he comes with a suprising and innovative way to hit the RKO, but other than that there's nothing interesting to watch really. I know his character is slow and methodical, and he takes his time attacking each body part, skulking around until he can hit the RKO. And if you think about it that way, why doesn't he just hit it straight off if that's the only move he has that'll do any damage. Yeah sure, ring psychology and all that but surely ring psychology 101 as a face is that you have to entertain people, even if you're an anti-hero. Austin certainly entertained in his matches even though he was more of an anti-hero than Orton. If you look at Cena's move set at least it seems like he has a bunch of viable offense and there's quite a few things to get pumped for in the match. Attitude adjustment, STF, fist drop, leg drop off top rope, bulldog, twisting back suplex thing.

I'd never expect more than a 3 star match from him, his opponents need to carry a lot of his load because he moves in slow motion. When did the last time Orton have a classic match with anyone, anyway? Perhaps his matches with Benoit at 2004 or Undertaker at 2005, but that's because he had Benoit & Undertaker as his opponents. If he couldn't get great matches with those two then he would be on the same level as Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, The Great Khali, A-Train, Mark Henry, Vladimir Kozlov, Big Boss Man, and so many other talentless wrestlers. He's not terrible on the mic but he's pretty boring there too. And his temper in the ring is really unprofessional and annoying. He's acts like he's the most perfect all-round performer in the whole f*cking business where he's not.


Remember, KNOW YOUR ROLE, Sheamus is the runner-up.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well, Sheamus bores me the most, so pretty tough to say Orton is boring compared to him. All Sheamus does is kick people and have hit and runs. Wait? Doesn't Orton do this? The punt and RKO and leave? Yeah, but there something about Orton. I'm not gonna lied, I laughed when Orton got angry with the Miz and started yelling. If anyone knows how to cause drama backstage, theres Orton.

    In my opinion, Orton is not that boring. His matches are some what predictable and his mic skills are mediocre, but he certainly knows how to entertain. Mostly in spots where he doesn't have to talk. Such as the epic RKO to Evan Bourne in mid-shooting star press. I'm not gonna lie, that was pretty awsome. Its that RKO. So awesome. I also like the character too, and to be honest, has it really changed that much? He still seems like the old Orton. Maybe its the idea of him being a face that makes it annoying to others, but it really hasn't change at all. Its like being told we have to like it now, where back then, we just like him because. I honestly believe Orton can be very entertaining, but not solo.

    Here is what I mean. I for one, prefer to see Orton in a tag match more then a singles match. Singles, its predictable, but his tag matches kind off are not while entertaining. Some examples are when he tag teamed with Cena against the Raw roster. That was pretty good. His time in Rated RKO. His time in legacy is more entertaining then now. It just makes you wonder, why can't WWE have him pull a Jericho and put him in the tag division. He was certainly entertaining. I think he needs a partner. One that can talk in promos when Orton doesn't have to, and in a tag match, it features two wrestlers moveset, making Orton's lack of moves seek less of a problem. So in my opinion, putting Orton with a partner would be very entertaining.

    Plus it wouldn't hurt to see more moves. Wrestlers should add moves as they go by. Cena had the STF. HBK started using the figure four. Hell, even HHH used the cross face. What about Orton? All he has added recently is the punt kick, which we don't see that often. Wait. Are they serious? For a wrestler as athletic as Orton, they give him a punt kick. That guy is capable of so many moves, yet thats what he gets. Orton should add more moves to his move set. Cena did, and it went from 5 moves of doom to six. Thats telling the fans your trying.

    As for match quality. I believe right now, they are making him like Goldberg. Squash match to show how good he is, or atleast, how fast the RKO can strike. I don't think he has been given a lot of time to show it off. Then again, there was the match with Edge at Over the Limit, the WM match with HHH, the Iron man match with Cena at Bragging Rights. But he seems to rely on RKO too much and that makes it lame. This is what I mean by adding more moves. To be honest, is there is a type of wrestler that the RKO can't connect with. Even Cena's FU has the weight issue, and HBK's sweet chin music can't hit someone taller then his reach. What is the RKO's flaw? None really. Its too ...awesome, which makes you think, does that over shadow Orton. When we watch his match, are we watching Orton's talent and ability, or the epic RKO that can end it all? To be honest, in his feud with the Undertaker, I only really liked the reaction from the undertaker during and after each RKO. In my opinion, if it wasn't for the RKO, Orton would be lame and not where he is. Without the RKO, he is nothing, and that in my opinion, is the reason why Orton is not the most boring maineventer. The RKO. I believe the bigger question to ask is, without the RKO, would Orton not be the main eventer he is today?

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  • Alison
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    4 years ago

    I think WWE is really struggling, with so many top guys and girls out, there have to be changes made Edge, Batista, Undertaker, HBK, Maryse, McCool, Hardy, are all out. THey have also done some clean house, firing people like D Lo Brown, Kennedy, Umaga, Manu, Candice. They have also brought bac Eugene and Masters. WWE really needs to get their act together, they need to temporarily push some mid carders up to main event and fill in for the injured superstars. I think the guys who can really pull it off are JOMO, Miz, Swagger, and Evan. I think Tyson and DH Smith can be pushed a little bit instead of jobbing to Cryme Tyme. Their divas division needs alot of work, I mean Eve has improved, but other than that no-one has done much to make themselves better. I feel that most of the divas are not dedicated enough, and they're there just for the money and fame. With Maryse and McCool both out for a long or short while, Kim, Beth, Rosa, Layla and maybe Jillian if she returns should be pushed more towards heels. I think Mickie, Melina, Eve, Maria, and The Bellas should remain face. The Tag team division looks to be making a rebirth. I think it would be more successful with Edge instead of Big Show, but its better than nothing. The Hart Dynasty is very impressive, and Cryme Tyme is earning peoples respect. I always thought of Shad and JTG as nothing more than a bunch of gangsters, but in their match on Friday they did an awesome job. As for the ratings go, compared to the Commercial Free raw, the viewship and ratings have gone down. WWE is trying to counteract this by having celebrities become the interim GM's. The second hour has been getting better ratings as the first hour and that needs to change.

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  • 10 years ago

    In my own personal opinion, I have to agree. I know the IWC loves the hell out of him and worshio the ground he walks on, but I've never seen what's so special about him. He's a talented wrestler, true, but other than that, I've never found him that interesting. i don't want to go on an Orton-bashin tirade, but I think he needs to develop a better character than just the arrogant heel or the mean face. To me, he's has little to no personality since the Legend Killer gimmick (which I absolutely hated), and though I've tried, I can't get myself to be entertained by him. I'm stating this from my own personal opinon. Some people may not agree with it, and I know he has a lot of fans, but I've never found him to be that big a deal.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think Cena is the most boring main-eventer. He is way too one-dimensional, and I can't stand the sight of him. Every time he will come in the kids and girls will be screaming like its an angel who came in front of them whereas its an over-rated guy who can't wrestle half as good as Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit could. He is liked only by those who are either immature kids or girls who consider good-looks and fair skin to be above wrestling-skill or by those who haven't seen enough of wrestling and don't know much about it. His in-ring ability is pathetic, his 5-knuckle shuckle is nothing but a variation of the people's elbow, which was the worst wrestling move in my estimation (so that makes this even worse) because the guy spent 10 to 15 seconds posing for it (making it look even more fake), and honestly how could it have enough impact to hurt a wrestler? His STF submission is nothing but like 50% of a crossface and I am surprised how they made guys like HHH and Batista tap out to it. Despite this, he wins most of his matches cleanly and I am extremely happy whenever he loses a match (that too, cleanly), like when he lost to HHH on Raw, Michaels on Raw (2007), Batista at Summerslam 2008, Sheamus in the tables match and perhaps to Undertaker in 2005, etc.

    Randy Orton on the other hand, perhaps has better in-ring wrestling ability and has worked really hard to work his way to the top. Look at his Mania 24 and 25 matches to know the difference - just notice his muscles in both matches during his entrance and you'll know what I'm talking about. Moreover, he keeps improvising - earlier he used only the RKO as a finisher but later he developed the Punt to the head when he was the heel "viper" because that suited his character more. So he keeps evolving himself based on the gimmick.

    Cena has probably not done anything to mentor or push anyone else other than himself, whereas Randy worked towards mentoring and pushing Dibiase and Rhodes, so that is one thing for which I respect him.

    Gimmick wise, Cena has one of the worst goody two-shoe kiddie hero personas ever, even worse than what Hogan or Ultimate Warrior had and worse than what the Rock had when he debuted (and was booed heavily). Orton, on the other hand, has a great tweener gimmick which makes fans cheer for him.

    There is a reason why the WWE realized that Randy has talent to be a top star in the future, which is why they made him the youngest WWE champion, why they made him the legend killer, why they made him feud with Undertaker for all of 2005, why they made him win the Rumble in 2009 and kept him in the title scene all year long. He got cheered even when he was a heel and therefore he "had to be" turned face, and look at how many cheers he gets now from the fans - its amazing. For the same reason, I'd predicted that he'll win the Rumble in 2009 and was sure he'll be in the title scene before it happened - read my blog below to know more.

    I attended Wrestlemania 25 from ring-side and the reaction these guys got was amazing. Every shrill kiddie/ girlie chant of "let's go Cena" was followed by a louder "Cena sucks" chant in adult voices. The crowd was really pumped when Orton entered and he got many cheers, and the crowd was really dull when he lost - everybody expected him to win, and many of they didn't even stay to see HHH's victory celebration but they headed to the parking lot. An anti-climatic finish to the PPV. See my blog below for more.

    Last but not the least, Randy's new entrance music "Voices" rocks and Cena's rap entrance music sucks ;-)

    So my most boring main-eventer right now, by far, is Cena. I'm perfectly happy with a WWE show until he comes because then the promo/ match is always one-dimensional as he has no variety.

    Source(s): If anybody here is disliking this comment, ask yourself if you're a kid (below 15) or a girl - if yes, you don't have a right to dislike this ;-) you'll understand me when you grow up.
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  • 10 years ago

    I think he's very exciting to watch. He always looks intense and in the zone. Being face doesn't mean you have to run your mouth every week on the mic and pay attention to the crowd every time you hit the ring. I think the silent but deadly thing works and people love when Orton comes out. I know I get excited whenever I see him. Plus, his face turn isn't totally complete yet to me. I think he still needs time to adjust but he's doing a great job.

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  • 10 years ago

    no, Randy Orton is great, and have a great match. maybe you dislike Orton character.....that why you hate him. Sheamus is good too, is okay for new comer not like Triple H, he so boring to me...when Triple H last great match din't involved HBK?

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  • Randy Orton is without a doubt the most boring person on the roster.

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  • 10 years ago

    Randy Orton as face means no more Punt Kick and thats sucks.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He is in my book. I can't think of anybody more dry right now both in the ring and on the mic

    Source(s): And let the thumbs down commence.......
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  • 10 years ago

    If he was still a legend killer he wouldnt be so dull

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