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I want to be a police officer in the state of Ohio?

What all do I need to do to become one? I know I need to go through the police academy and take a civil service test but I have no idea where to start. Any help will be much appreciated.

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    In Ohio there are a couple of ways to become the police.

    You can self sponsor your self to a police academy. there are private and public (community college based) academies.

    Or you can apply to a department that hires you first and then sends you to an academy, like Columbus does. In those cases you take a written test, a physical agility test and go through an extensive background check.

    In either case you need at least a HS diploma/GED to start. Some departments want you to have 2 years of college (some of the academies are 2 years of college).

    After whatever academy you go to you take the state certification test. If a department sent you they continue your training (you are paid all this time) or if you self sponsored you go out hunting for a job.

    You can check who is hiring and what their specific requirement are at sites like

    look for the jobs or careers section.

    Each major department has a recruitment page on their web site. These site answer 90% of the questions about the specific department yo may have.

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  • Jesse
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    10 years ago

    Apply at several police departments both city, county, and state level... Crime rate goes up when the economy goes down, so their hiring... In the mean while enroll in online school and take a criminal justice course; and apply in many security related jobs such as security guards.. They'll take you more serious if you seem interested in serving the public and not just being a cop...

    Contact me for further resources

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  • Meow
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    10 years ago

    You go to school, then they try to break you by putting you in Middletown. If you live through Middletown you get a real city to protect in the future. Like Dayton, cincinnati, Cleveland etc..

    Good Luck. Lot of layoffs on the force lately. Economy is hurting everywhere.

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