What do you think of these names? Pts for best answer!?

If you think they are too long do not comment. lol.

Claira Lavonna Martha Carolee Dryden

Gabriel Charles Briant Clay Dryden

Rosaleigh Tabitha Emmaline Dryden

William Matthew Thomas Dryden

Dryden is the last name.

Any suggestions or ideas. Stick with the long names and multiple middle names.

Thanks yall.


All names but Claira and Rosaleigh are sentimental.

Update 2:

Lavonna - Grandmother

Martha - Grandmother

Carol(eigh) - Grandmother

Tabitha - Aunt

Emmali(ne) - Cousin

Matthew - Cousin

William Thomas - Grandfather

Update 3:

Gabriel Briant Charles Clay - liking that variation.

Update 4:

We have one daughter already named Isabella Marie Jo (We are thinking about giving her another middle name "Francine".

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Eventhough your names are on the longer side (lol), i think they are very pretty!

    The boys names flow especially well, in my opinion! William Matthew Thomas is my favorite! I think the different endings of each name compliment eachother so well! And they are all very mascline, strong names too :) William's name has more of the "softer sound" and flows a little more than Gabriel's though. I think it's because Gabriel Charles Briant Clay has so many "hard sounds" in it. if that makes any sense?? lol

    I also love ur girls names!! Eventhough Claira isn't really the traditional form, I actually prefer the way it looks to Clara. On the other hand, I actually like the traditional form of Rosalie better; it just seems more feminine and classic that way. I still love the name though! I also love both of Rosaleigh's middle names...adorable!

    Overall, I think both the girls and boys names are beautiful and you put a lot of thought into them!

    I hope I helped! :)

    Source(s): My opinion :)
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  • 1 decade ago

    Hate to disappoint but I think those are too long. Not because there's too many names but because the length of all the names. They don't flow too well. If you must use all those names now, here's what I think:

    Claira Lavonna Martha Carolee Dryden = Too many "a"-ending names in a row. Claira Lavonna Carolee Martha Dryden?

    Gabriel Charles Briant Clay Dryden = Gabriel Clay Briant Charles Dryden?

    Rosaleigh Tabitha Emmaline Dryden = Rosaleigh Emmaline Tabitha Dryden?

    William Matthew Thomas Dryden = William Thomas Matthew Dryden

    Just those little switches sound 10 times better!

    Good luck and take care,


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's not the length that bothers me. It's just that the names as a whole do not flow well. If you could rearrange to make the mult. middle names flow well, I'd be all for it.

    William Matthew Thomas does not flow, it sounds like you are listing off names.

    If I could rearrange, here are some examples:

    William Briant Charles Clay - nice flow

    Rosaleigh Lavonna Emmaline Claire - nice flow.

    Hopefully you understand. I'm not trying to be rude, just pointing this out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    rosaleigh tabithe emmaline


    william mathew thomas

    are gawjus names

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well...i do think they are a bit long, but beside that, the names all go really well together. A little old fashioned but I guess that's your style.

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