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What Make-Up is best for blue/green/gray eyes?

My eyes are usually stormy blue/gray. Occasionally they look a little green. How could I make my eyes pop?

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    Use either a dark brown or black eyeliner. Put it on your top lid, and half way in on your bottom lid, then white eyeliner on your water line. Use a gold, or brown-ish eyeshadow, and white on your brow bone.

    Here's a video on how to do it:

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    Blue eyeliner, and Covergirl makes a color called "ruby" that would look lovely on you. Also, putting a little eyeshadow can really brighten your eyes. Gold, bronze colors always look great! You could also try brown, darker green.

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    For summertime that's significant play up your eyes with something which will convey them out. For day use a mild pink or perhaps mild coral shade. For night time, smoky greys and darker matte browns are great. positioned some mild eyeshadow under the foreheadbones to intensify the brows and it brings out the blue much extra. Use mascara as antagonistic to liner to get a lighter seek for summer season.

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    Black mascara, Brown eyeliner, Gold eye shadow, a little foundation, and maybe even a little blush :) plus lip gloss if your feeling girly :)

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    Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette(4)

    What it is:An eye palette featuring four shadow shades by Guerlain.What it does do:This Guerlain Eyeshadow Palette, housed in an ultra-chic case, contains two contrasting duos for unlimited eyecolor combinations. Each gorgeous palette gives you two strong colors that set the tone, along with two delicate, neutral shades so you can play with nuances and adjust your look to suit your mood. These new-generation eyeshadows also play up the power of contrasts between matte and iridescent.Size: 4 x 0.06 oz

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    medium-black eyeliner (smudged) on the bottom part of your eye. and a light spring green eyeshadow.

    Source(s): my friend has the same eye color and that what she wears.
  • a light purple but just put it at the bottom of your eye over eyeliner

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    Brown eyeliner, black mascara, highlighting eyeshadow on tearduct, middle of upper lid, and brownbone. light brown eyeshadow everywhere else.

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    use eyeliner and use gold eye shadow...

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