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swedish pronunciation: how do you pronounce "är" and "jag"?

I have been working on my pronunciation of Swedish for the past 6 months and the very common word "är" is still frustrating me because just when I believe it is pronounced like the english word "are", I hear it somewhere else being pronounced like the english word "air". I am really confused on this. Also, I thought the "g" in the word "jag" was silent, but I have heard it actually being pronounced. Is that just to add emphasis like when people pronounce the "ch" in "och" to add emphasis? Any help greatly appreciated :)

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    Yes, är is pronounce most closely as 'air.' Jag will pronounce as 'jag (I),' but in everyday speaking it is shortened to ja, just as spelling of ja (yes). Also, och is och but it is also shortened in everyday language to just 'o.' Jo, pronounced you, (also for yes) is used to answer negative question.

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    Heyy, I am Swedish, and the word är is pronounced more like air, butit has like a combination of are and air, but more like air, and Jag you do pronounce the G, and in the word Och you do pronounce the Ch.

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    Often the last g in jag is silent ( yah )

    Jag är = yah air but yahg air is also OK and maybe more correct

    There is no difference in emphasis it is more that yah is easier to say even if it is the same pronounciation at ja = yes

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    Swedish Pronounciation

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    It's pronounced like "air". The other one is pronounced "yog".

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