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what are the pros and cons of joining any of the military forces?

plz give good ones :D


im not talking about being a patriot for my country either.....

i mean..stuff that could possibly benefit me

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    Some of the cons are must be disciplined, being (yelled at) ordered around until you have some experience. Putting your life in danger, possibly in an environment with dangerous machinery and equipment, we are at war now, loneliness, possible lack of food, water, shelter and emergency medical attention, its too hot, too cold, too wet, too hard on the muscles, situations are sometimes too scary, might have to view injured, wounded or dead persons, work with some people that you don't like and some that don't like you, constantly traveling in some form of transportation, required to assume responsibilities, display the ability to learn quickly. Will perform dirty chores, latrine duty, burning waste, kitchen patrol, fire guard. Mundane task like counting bullets, preparing your uniforms and going over supplies. Be exposed to some personnel who drink alcohol and sometimes use drugs until they are caught. Perform guard duty at night by yourself. Will have to use your voice to give commands and affirmations and Communicate via radio and other devices. Represent the United States. Be kind to foreigners. May have to actually kill some enemy combatant or save some persons life, treat heat exhaustion, trench foot, scabies and perform first aid. You will carry all you need, shovel, tent, sleeping bag, stove, water purification pills, Gas mask, water canteen, maybe two of them, your weapon back pack, ammo pouches, rain poncho, several types of boots gloves, and maintain nuclear, biological and chemical warfare equipment, maps, compass etc, etc. It will be heavy and you will like to carry it all. learn and or participate in cursing or using profanity. Get mosquito bit, will have to learn to hide things and make deals with fellow military personnel. You will be required to have a good attitude and obey your superiors at all times. And this is only a small amount of what you will have to deal with. The worse thing for me about the army was losing sleep and having some leaders who didn't look out after the welfare of their assigned personnel.

    The pros are, you might be able to pick a duty without so much work and danger. You could enjoy seeing other countries and their culture closely. Many career military people are great to get to know. You will be promoted and awarded medals, citations and certificates. You will learn leadership skills and skills you didn't even know you had. You'll get reductions in cost on grocery and products at the Post or Base Exchanges. You'll have access to health care, fair pay, the possibility of a career, free dentistry, eyeglasses and free legal counseling and even citizenship if required. You can be from any part of american society, be any religion, own firearms, own vehicles and a lot of other cool stuff. You get to use machine guns, rifles, rocket launchers, grenades, pistols knives and more. Maybe you will drive a tank, fire a missile, fly a chopper, repair jet engines, be a mechanic, start a medical career, qualify as an officer, see a real live general, dance with some women or invite a wife along with you, join with a buddy, go on leave, chew tobacco away from home and not feel guilty about getting caught by your mom. I guess the best thing that the army did for me was make me more confident and therefore more mature. Please forgive my typing. It's late and I am tired now.

    Source(s): 14.5 years Active Army until I was injured. I miss the Army at times and sometimes I don't.
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    pro-free education, free travel, free house and extra money if your married, great way too get you prepared for the working world and good work ethics. respect from family and veterens everywhere!

    con- sacrifices alot of freedoms . your command has the right to go through your room and belongings if they have a reason that someone else is the command is doing drugs or has weapons, they can take away all your freedoms and money and ground you for months if you get in trouble. if your kicked out with dishonerable discharge it follows you for life. you must take orders without question even if its stupid or goes against your ethics. your a possible giny pig and may not know it. YOU COULD BE KILLED IN WAR. you could go to jail for something stupid.

    look over the unifrom code of military justice and see what kind of laws they have!!!!!!!!

    to get an idea of your rights. VERY IMPORTANT

    Corporal USMC

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    Pro - Money for school, full benefits, Get to travel, get to meet new people, get trained in a job that you can more than likely use when you get out of the service, you can retire after 20 years.

    Con - Being away from family and friends, You sometimes travel to places you don't want to be, you can be put in harms way, the money isn't all that great.

    Source(s): 3 brothers air force, 1 Marines, 1 Navy Reserves, and hubby in Navy.
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    Pro: Killing motherfuckers

    Con: hmmm...


    Pros: Help pay for college, guaranteed employment (unless you really f*ck up), travel, few bills if you live in the barracks.

    Cons: Death, difficult to get out if you don't like it, have to follow ALL lawful orders, details (picking up trash, mowing)

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    pro- patriotic duty to your country.

    con- death

  • 1 decade ago

    Goodbye my sweetheart, hello Afghanistan.

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