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How would I achieve going to a University for music?

I'm wanting to go university after I complete high school, but I do not have any grades in the RCM except my Intermediate rudiments (I just did my exam for Advanced rudiments today) This is the University I'm interested in.

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    It is definitely do-able. Please ensure that not only are you meething the theory requirements, but also the practical. It seems as though they will be marking you as if you're taking a grade 8 exam, EXCEPT for technical tests/studies, and sight reading. Make sure you can at least play at the 70% level in order to have a chance in succeeding in the audition. In order to be exempt from their theory entrance-test, you must achieve 80% or higher on your Advanced Rudiments exam. Ear tests will be of the same format as Grade 8 RCM. You may perform 2-3 pieces, equating to about 20 minutes of music being played, including a 20th century piece. The MINIMUM level has to be Grade 8 RCM.

    I pretty much summarized everything, here's the link to the audition requirements:

    Good luck with everything!

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